By Richard C. Hoagland
with David Wilcock

© 2007 The Enterprise Mission
(Updated November 13, 2007)


Dear Enterprise Mission family, and interested new friends:


Lunar ruins? Intelligent artifacts? Deep mysteries? Impenetrable secrets? The work of inscrutable forces we may never understand? NASA cover-ups to suppress the truth... until the public is ready?

Are there really large, nearly-invisible glass objects hiding in the background of some classic NASA shots from the Apollo missions?

On Tuesday, October 30, 2007, we discussed just that... at the National Press Club in Washington, DC!

Soon afterwards, our book on the subject, Dark Mission, soared to number 21 on the New York Times Bestseller List for Paperback Nonfiction.

Clearly, the word is getting out -- and people are paying attention.



The next question everyone asks is "Where's the beef?" -- to paraphrase another American corporate cliche'. Bear in mind that there is no one single staggering, definitive picture that drops everyone in their tracks. Our evidence suggests that NASA has tried to ensure that none would get out.

What we do have, though, are some compelling possibilities. At the very least, if you follow this article all the way through, you will end up seeing very clear examples of image tampering that our colleagues in Russia independently discovered.

Here is one intriguing case that escaped NASA's censorship... brought to new life thanks to simple Photoshop techniques to enhance brightness and contrast.


The mass you see in the above images is not caused by a lens flare. The astronaut's shadow in the first three images shows that the sun is coming in at a right angle to the camera axis -- thus eliminating the potential for such a mundane explanation.

Lens flares require the light source to be either in-frame or directly outside of it in order to illuminate the camera lens. In this case, it is impossible to illuminate the lens, due to the right-angle offset position of the sun.

Now let's take a closer look at the top two frames of our comparison:

The top left shot, seen here once again, is an original print -- saved from destruction by our senior Enterprise Mission correspondent Dr. Ken Johnston.

The top right image is an enhancement of Dr. Johnston's 'rescued' print -- lightened and contrast-enhanced -- showing what you find buried in the emulsion of the black layers of the supposedly airless lunar sky.

Three vertical geometric 'pillars' seem to appear in the middle of the enhanced image, as well as a clearly obvious 'crossbar' up near the top.

Now let's go back to the bottom half of our original comparison shot:

The bottom left image is an enhanced version of the previous shot... only this time it's taken from NASA's own version of the 40-year-old photograph, currently posted on official NASA websites.

As you can see, the detail has been sharply diminished. The formerly blue 'comet-like' feature now seems red, due to a long-term degradation in the emulsion of the photograph. The stunningly regular geometry is also muted, leaving only the horizontal 'crossbar' as a sharp geometric figure.

The image on the bottom right is where all the magic is.

This is from an entirely different photograph, taken from an entirely different angle!

This image was recorded when Alan Shepard walked around, behind the LEM, and took another Hasselblad image looking north.

This image also can be found -- currently -- on official NASA websites!

Our next comparison shot, below, features the original of the newly-discovered photo on the left -- as well as our enhanced version on the right.

You can see one leg of the descent stage of the lunar module, as Shepard now stands east of the landed spacecraft, looking north. This same leg gets washed out when we enhance the image on the right:

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut, is no longer in the shot. He is now out of frame, off to the left. However, the towering glass-like ruins are still arching overhead, far to the north of the landed spacecraft. The 'crossbar', and another horizontal feature below it, are both perfectly visible -- again -- in the exact same places!

These unimaginably specific geometric details are preserved between the two photographs. Two independent records -- both part of the official NASA archive -- both show the same extraordinary objects, standing miles above the Moon!

Yet, the foreground between the two images is totally different. One has an astronaut in it, and one features the leg of the lunar module.

Just to help you visualize this with a physical example, here are two different shots of the Washington Monument, showing two different views in the foreground while the towering spire is clearly visible in the background:

Now imagine the Monument was made entirely of crystal-clear glass. It would blind you at the wrong angle, and at night it would be hard to see it at all.

Since the Moon does not have an atmosphere, a towering glass version of the Washington Monument would be difficult to see even under the best of conditions.

NASA may have taken the game a step further, and deliberately increased the blackness of the background in order to obscure any remaining traces of the glass.

However, this trick was done 40 years ago... long before someone could have imagined the advances that modern digital photo enhancement could create!

As such, these images are a stunning official confirmation of our entire Lunar dome hypothesis. You can go and find these images -- the frame numbers listed above -- on the official NASA websites, or the image DVDs they have been selling all over the world, and perform the work yourself.



Just to make it simple, here is the link to the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, where these images can be found.

The "" in the link clearly establishes this as an official government resource:

Here is a direct link to NASA's version of the first image in our comparison -- the degraded 'official' example of the same shot Dr. Johnston preserved:

Here is a direct link to the last image in our comparision -- showing the same startlingly impossible geometry from an entirely different vantage point on the lunar surface:

Even if this were our only example, it could change the world. However, we have uncovered many startling examples just like this!

The world is finally paying attention -- and contributing their own findings to this growing body of research, as you are about to see!




Our journey may have started with Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke, back in 1968. Was '2001' only a work of fiction?

Present the truth as a sci-fi story and you have 'plausible deniability'... while also whetting the public's appetite and imagination for the idea that there could be "something" out there, waiting to be found.

Or, perhaps we already did find it... and have just been waiting for the right moment to reveal it publicly, without creating socio-economic chaos:

[Scene from Clarke / Kubrick's "2001", featuring rectangular "Monolith" found in a lunar crater]


'2001' also suggested that corresponding anomalies may be found on Earth, dating back to the dawn of humankind as we now know it:


Kubrick made a huge breakthrough in filmmaking with '2001' -- redefining the state-of-the-art in storytelling and special effects for its time.

Now, nearly 40 years later, fact is meeting fiction. The push for a real, non-fiction disclosure has taken a quantum leap forward with our publication of "Dark Mission" -- a comprehensive exploration of the truth behind the mysteries:


Once standing like the mighty Monolith itself, the first of potentially millions of looming dominoes has now fallen.

The fallout is likely to change the face of the Earth as we know it... and more importantly, that of the Moon.

* * *

If insiders are holding back the truth, you are in control of how much longer the game will go on. All the evidence in the world means nothing if no one pays attention.

Given that Dark Mission is having explosive sales growth, rocketing up to the mid-20s range of all books available for sale on (with a very impressive announcement pending early next week...) your voice is being heard.

And you will not be ignored much longer.




On Tuesday, October 30, 2007, Dr. Ken Johnston -- former Manager of NASA's Data and Photo Control Department during the Apollo program -- presented breakthrough evidence with me at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Here are links for two mainstream media announcements of our event to the international press -- hosted by Cheryll Jones, former network news anchor for CNN:

PR Newswire:

Yahoo! News:


Dr. Johnston was ordered to destroy key Apollo lunar images and data in 1971... soon after the release of '2001'... rather than to preserve them for academic and public study.

Johnston testified how he disobeyed these NASA orders, and secretly saved the critical Apollo images—and the never-officially-published lunar discoveries recorded on them.



According to AP, NASA is currently embroiled in a similar controversy with Congress. The agency was planning to suppress a recent study into aviation safety, and destroy the data.

However, due to overwhelming public pressure, NASA administrator Michael Griffin just this week rescinded both these orders; the study will be made public before the end of the year, according to Griffin -- and the data carefully preserved.

Our room in the National Press Club was built to comfortably hold 40 people -- but that day it was packed to the bursting point.

We were surrounded by a wall-to-wall throng of both domestic and international media, their microphones and cameras whirring. Here's a picture from the front end of the crush:



The stakes were high. Exactly one week beforehand, Johnston was abruptly terminated from JPL's prestigious "Solar System Ambassador" program. His four-year history with the program was duly 'sanitized' from the official JPL SSA website.

The reason? Kay Ferrari, the program director, told Dr. Johnston it was because he was “quoted [as] criticizing NASA in Hoagland’s new book, ‘Dark Mission’”.

Her tip-off came from James Oberg, a former NASA contractor now working for NBC News. Oberg was a colleague of Johnston’s at NASA’s Manned Spacecraft Center during the Apollo Program in the 1970’s.

Kay Ferrari said Oberg raised “serious issues regarding Johnston’s credentials” and his “crackpot accusations” against the agency. And just like that, Dr. Johnston's career was ended.

A week later, we presented Johnson's real NASA history, and allowed the international media to decide just how 'crackpot' his story really was.

The silence from our American print, online and broadcast media has been deafening, but not unexpected.

The explosion of interest from our Russian friends, however, has exceeded all our expectations.





To be fair, a number of mainstream American press entities -- such as the Washington Post -- did show up. They didn't actually write anything, but they were obviously curious.

NBC Nightly News wanted to interview Ken and me for their evening network news broadcast. Unfortunately, they wanted to conduct the interview on MONDAY night, BEFORE the Tuesday press briefing.

One problem... we were literally sealed up in an aluminum tube, helplessly suspended tens of thousands of feet above the Earth's surface... headed from Albuquerque to Washington... during the very time they wanted us!

So obviously, that didn't happen.

We also got a call from the producer of Bill O'Reilly's radio show November 1st, wanting us to appear. Then, "something" happened... and it didn't take place after all. At least... not yet.



The REAL coverage of our event, and our anomalous images from the Moon, was NOT here in the United States -- but in RUSSIA!

FOUR of the major Russian television networks (including TASS) turned up at the Press Club Tuesday morning, and taped the entire two hours!

All four networks are running extensive pieces all over the old Soviet Union now. We will eventually obtain this coverage on DVD, as well as their raw footage -- and will make some of it available to all of you.

This is something American networks NEVER intend for you to see in the mainstream, as you have probably now guessed.


One Russian network -- "RTTV America Inc." -- is the Russian equivalent of CNN.


RTTV did a THREE-HOUR private interview with Dr. Johnston and me that evening in their downtown Washington studios on K street. Their offices are in the AP building -- the Washington headquarters of the Associated Press.

They will edit this down to "a 20 or 30-minute piece," according to the producer and the correspondent who interviewed us. They tell us it will air "roughly a dozen times on Russian television over the course of one day."

What day, you ask? According to our current information, the Russian piece will air when the Space Shuttle touches down some time next week.


All our Russian correspondents and producers are FASCINATED by our revelations regarding "Kennedy, Khrushchev... and Apollo."



The key question, of course, centers around Vladimir Putin, the current Russian president. Putin recently declared he is sending Russia to the Moon.

He offered the United States to jointly participate in the mission... but the Bush Administration turned him down.

Given Putin's strong pressure to not only reach the Moon, but establish a permanent Russian outpost there, the explosion of Russian television and media coverage of our press conference on Tuesday might not exactly be a "coincidence".

Let's not forget that Bush has already anounced, in 2004, a "new Vision" for Americans to do exactly the same thing.

It used to be said, when I lived and worked in Washington for NASA, that "the shortest route to mainstream media attention in the US is via Moscow ...."

We will see.




Unfortunately, the available translation utilities do a dreadfully poor job, but as you peruse these links you can see for yourself that our explosive NASA story is catching on like a wildfire in Russia.

This first link is from Pravda, considered a less-credible Russian media outlet, but it happens to be the only coverage we've seen so far in English:


Here are some links, in Russian, from their mainstream media that you also can peruse:


Our next link from the Russian CNews R&D includes a detailed Russian photographic analysis of some of the new images. If you only click on one link in this article, this is the one.

They have independently gone back to NASA photographs -- located on official NASA websites -- and revealed the strange anomalies that appear when you enhance the images.

The most provocative enhancement was discovered by the Russians themselves... from an image directly off the "Great Images in NASA" (GRIN) website, which first went online Feb. 2nd, 2001... Groundhog Day:

The original, high-bandwidth download can be found at -- and it shows what appears to be very clear evidence of air-brush tampering to obscure some sort of lunar anomaly behind the astronaut.

The original just has an innocuous-looking black background, but when the Russians did a simple enhancement, the result was much, much stranger:

This is just one of three new examples dug up by the Russians.

The second example shows what appears to be another primitive NASA technique for "doctoring" an image to hide unwanted features. At this time, you can still download a super-hi-res version of it at

Rather than an airbrush, a simple enhancement seems to show razor-blade marks from a strip of the picture that was sliced and pasted three times in a row, directly over something NASA doesn't want you to see:

Young Internet mavericks should remember... this was 40 years ago, long before Photoshop.

Anyone doing print layout work got very good at using a razor blade to quite literally slice a desired image out of its background in the source photograph. You physically remove the piece you want, and throw away the rest of the print.

Look at old magazines or movie posters and you can see how the lines around someone's hair are too smooth and clean -- due to the action of the razor blade. It took a great hand to make those curves come out so natural-looking:

Therefore, such a 'cutout' technique would be one of several quick-and-dirty methods of editing anomalies out of a photograph. Here's how:

Print three extra photographs off of the offending negative. Stack them perfectly on top of each other and tape them down to your desktop. Find a black strip next to the area you need to get rid of, so the colors match as precisely as possible, and slice it out.

Now you have freed up three equal black strips, from each of the three photographs in your stack.

Go back to the original and paste your strips in over the image, just where you need them. Eyeball it to make sure no one will ever be able to tell.

Look closely. White lines start at the top left of the next image and continue appearing all the way down to the bottom right. Whatever we're covering up here, it's BIG.

Looks good. Done!

Again... (grin)... no one imagined that a technology like Photoshop image enhancement would ever exist in those days!

Wouldn't you then want to get rid of all but one copy of your photographs, so you wouldn't have to either re-do this work five times in a row or risk getting caught with your pants down?

Thank you, Dr. Johnston, for disobeying a direct order!

The possibility that something else was hiding in this picture is raised by looking at the official Russian enhancement of the entire shot. A clear anomaly can be seen above the lunar lander:

It makes sense that NASA would be interested in these anomalies if they had already been spotted prior to the manned missions. That might explain why such oddities are seen in the backgrounds of lunar landing sites. Wouldn't you want to know?

And if you still believe this is all just BS, why has there been a complete blackout of any and all of the data we discussed at the National Press Club in the American mainstream media? And why end Dr. Johnston's exemplary career over it?

This Russian article already has over 100 comments posted to it as we publish this piece. Although some diehard 'debunkers' will remain in denial long after the burden of proof has been repeatedly satisfied, most of the Russian comments are taking it very seriously:


Our next detailed, three-part Russian article includes a seven-part photographic analysis by an indigenous Ukranian astronomer, specializing in potential extraterrestrial lunar artifacts:


Here is a translation of the official Russian coverage into German:


And, just as we go to press, the popular Russian newspaper "Moskovskij Komsomolets" has asked us for an exclusive interview with new photographs and comments. More to come!




Lastly, Ken Johnston received a series of questions this morning from Vladimir Yaduta of the API News International Department in Russia -- regarding detailed responses to questions raised at our Tuesday news briefing.

Here are API's original Russian questions in translated English, followed by Ken's replies:

Apollo Mission photos, which exploded so much hoax and drastic discussion, again draw broad attention (in the light of Dark Mission project). What's the true origin of the photos?

Ans.: These are official NASA Apollo images, as I stated at the NPC, that came from my office in NASA's Lunar Receiving Laboratory in 1971. The photo prints were processed in the NASA photo lab at the Manned Space Center (currently Johnson Space Center), and personally delivered to me.


How come that nobody noticed the evidence of strange artifacts that lead to the exterrestrial life?

Ans.: There have been lots of individuals who have raised questions about strange formations on the moon, but very few people take them seriously. This is due to NASA using professional “debunkers” who attack the person making the claims, or offer other mundane explanations. Check out <> for additional examples of other lunar artifacts.


You were told to destroy the original photos. What was the reason for such a move?

Ans.: I was never given a good reason for why I was to destroy the original photos. Remember, I was archiving 5 complete sets from each Apollo mission, which at that point totaled nine manned missions to the Moon, from Apollo 8 through Apollo 16.

I was instructed to destroy 4 sets from each mission, leaving only one per mission to be archived. Since there were nine total Apollo missions at that point, this equates to 36 full sets of photographs and data I was instructed to destroy. The only explanation I was given was that they were taking up too much storage space (approximately 12 filing cabinets).


NASA is known to be a rather secret organization. Are there many secrets yet to be revealed? How closely does NASA cooperate with the defence ministries?

Ans.: NASA must cooperate with the Department of Defense in the United States. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, Section 305… (i):

…The National Aeronautics and Space Administration shall be considered a Defense Agency of the United States for the purpose of Chapter 17, Title 35 of the United States code ….

Section 206… (d):

NO [NASA] information which has been classified for reasons of National Security shall be included in any report made under this section [of the act]…”

As to your question of “are there many secrets yet to be revealed,” I can only say that considering how NASA was organized at the time I worked on Apollo, and the fact that we have discovered these anomalies only after decades, logic dictates there must be more.

Perhaps many more.


There have been much discussion over Mars programmes for the past years. Why attention shifted to the Moon again?

Ans.: It took over four (4) years for Hoagland and Bara to write the book “Dark Mission,” while all the time people were focused on Mars. Now that the book is out in public, everyone is looking at the Moon; however, they have also revealed lots of artifacts on Mars as well -- also suppressed by NASA.

[From Richard C. Hoagland: The larger question, of course, is why the international community is suddenly stampeding back to the Moon after 30 years of totally ignoring it. We feel the ultimate answer lies in the artifacts that have been covered up, and are lying in wait for others to reveal them.]


Space has always been terra incognita. The search for the so-called 12th planet, which has been described by Zecharia Sitchin, is on the agenda. Is it still actual today, from your point of view?

Ans.: I am not sure that I understand the question. If you are asking me if there is still interest in searching for the twelfth planet, I would have to say that the search continues in other organizations besides “The Enterprise Mission.”


Which issues are most crucial today and really deserve scrutiny of the space agencies?

Ans.: I have always said that “FULL DISCLOSURE” by the space agencies is necessary, so that new science can be utilized to further man’s search for life in outer space.


American shuttles still experience various technical problems. How are these problems being solved?

Ans.: The American Space Shuttle fleet is getting very old, and more problems seem to be surfacing with each mission. In my opinion, NASA will just continue to “work around” these problems until the International Space Station is complete, and the shuttle fleet is shut down -- i.e. “grounded.”


Space universe attracts many governments, including China, USA, Russia, India. From your point of view, who may take the leading role in the new space race?

Ans.: It is my opinion that the USA and Russia must join together for a joint effort to re-establish man’s presence -- not only on the Moon, but also on Mars.




Commander David Bowman, the heroic figure in 2001, was led into a fantastic journey of consciousness evolution by the Monolith they discovered on the Moon.

Could this be a predictive glance of the world-changing effect that this knowledge will have on each person once this suppressed truth is finally allowed to see the light of day?

Will the shackles of our collective ignorance be broken in an epiphany of understanding and fellowship of humanity, as we realize that our petty internecine struggles are overshadowed by a much older and far more interesting history?

Now is the time we have been waiting for. An ever-increasing momentum has been started, and with your continued enthusiasm and support, the Secrecy Curtain can be broken -- just like the Iron Curtain was shattered nearly two decades ago.





Enterprise Mission has always focused on physical, hard evidence of apparent ruins on other satellites in our Solar System. Mars was our original focus, and is still the most intriguing set of anomalies on our radar.

If we can see it, photograph it, measure it and ultimately visit it in person, then we're very interested.

For this same reason, we have avoided discussing the UFO issue, as it is ephemeral by its very nature. There may be eyewitness reports, anomalous radiation readings, landing traces, photos, videos, et cetera, but there is no place on Earth where an alleged ET craft sits and waits to be photographed, visited and studied at our leisure...

...At least none the public has any access to.

Nonetheless, within two weeks of our National Press Club debriefing of the world media, the 'disclosure' effort has suddenly taken a HUGE leap forward. Multiple fronts are bursting forth, all at the same time.

It's almost like something's getting ready to happen. Like something IS happening!

Tell your friends. Fence-sitting time is over. Someone seems to have decided that kindergarten is over... and it's time for us to graduate into the 'first grade' of what is really going on.



The first inkling of 'leaks' happening, possibly as a result of our conference, occurred just four days after we spoke at the National Press Club.

At this link, you can read a article about Wilhelm Reich, a contemporary of Freud who made early discoveries of hyperdimensional 'torsion fields' in action.

Reich also demonstrated the "orgone" fields' intriguing -- and supportive -- connections with biological life, including healing effects:

It is now open, public knowledge that the US government came down on Reich with such force that he was imprisoned, his books burned and his life ended while he was under incarceration.

Call it coincidence or synchronicity, but Reich ordered that his remaining -- and quite extensive -- files be kept sealed and secret for precisely 50 years after his death.

Those 50 years just spontaneously ended... four days after we held our press conference, ( ! ), where we documented similar -- and very current -- NASA attempts to destroy Ken Johnston's career and suppress breakthrough information:

50 years after his death, supporters promote scientist's work
By Jerry Harkavy, Associated Press Writer | November 3, 2007

RANGELEY, Maine --It was 50 years ago that physician-scientist Wilhelm Reich, best known for his discovery of a purported cosmic life force associated with sexual orgasm, died in federal prison, his books burned and his equipment destroyed by the government.

Ridiculed at the time, the European-born psychiatrist is today largely forgotten and his work on what he called orgone energy remains outside the scientific mainstream.

But a small number of scientists and other believers are working to advance his studies -- and resurrect his reputation.

"Personally, I think it's going to be a long time before all of his work is understood and recognized," said Reich's granddaughter, Renata Reich Moise, a nurse-midwife and artist in the coastal town of Hancock.

Reich died on Nov. 3, 1957, in a federal prison in Lewisburg, Pa., where he was sent for ignoring an injunction obtained by the Food and Drug Administration that outlawed his orgone energy accumulator.

The 50th anniversary of his death is being marked by a major exhibition on Reich and his work that opens Nov. 15 at the Jewish Museum in Vienna, the city where he attended medical school, began his psychiatric practice and studied under Sigmund Freud.

In New Jersey, the American College of Orgonomy, which provides training and research support for physicians and others interested in Reich and his legacy, scheduled a conference and dinner to coincide with the anniversary.

Also this month, archives comprised of nearly 300 boxes of Reich's unpublished papers that were placed in storage at the Countway Library at Harvard Medical School will become available to researchers for the first time.

Before going to prison, Reich directed in his will that the scientific papers, journals and diaries only be opened 50 years after his death.

He also specified that his laboratory at the 175-acre site he dubbed Orgonon that overlooks Rangeley Lake be converted to a museum.

In Rangeley, where Reich spent his latter years, scientists and doctors from the U.S. and Europe gathered this summer for a conference that explored the prospects of seeking FDA approval for clinical trials of orgone accumulator blankets to treat burn victims.

Reich is described by the American Psychoanalytic Association as "one of the most brilliant, creative and controversial of the pioneering analysts." He was the first to focus on character analysis rather than neurotic symptoms.

[Reich] linked a healthy sex life, which he called "orgastic potency," to emotional wellness, believing that failure to discharge sexual energy resulted in neurotic disorders.

His more controversial work came after he veered away from psychotherapy into laboratory experiments in Norway that led to the discovery of what he called "bions" -- basic life forms that gave off orgone energy.


Unfortunately, the article fails to mention why 'bions' are so important. Namely, Reich believed these spontaneous energy emissions were responsible for the creation of life... from previously inanimate matter.

This was not just a supposition. Reich was one of the first to investigate and document potential proof for this hypothesis in the laboratory -- and his successors have continued to demonstrate the same effects, under the strictest conditions.

And that brings us to our next point...



If we couldn't produce the link, you'd never believe us, so here it is... fresh off the 'presses' from earlier today:,2933,311317,00.html

Fox News is now officially 'seeding' the idea of life on other planets!


Bear in mind... not only did we just break into worldwide media headlights with evidence of ruins on the Moon, but Reich has suddenly gained mainstream credibility as well -- and his discoveries go a long way towards proving that "wherever there is water, there will be life".

NASA has repeatedly made statements connecting water with life over the years, without giving any scientific clarification. Hoagland is rarely, if ever, given credit for being the first to propose the idea that a primitive, algae-type form of life may be found on Europa.

Admittedly, this Fox article is still just a toe in the water, as the experiment only demonstrates the possibility that this could work... but once you put it in context, the meaning becomes obvious.

More 'leaks' will soon follow... and we may even have a real gusher on our hands here:

Life on Earth May Have Come From Mars
Tuesday, November 13, 2007

H.G. Wells might not have been that far off when he wrote about aliens from Mars coming to Earth.

"It may not be likely," NASA researcher David Morrison told National Geographic News, "but we cannot exclude the possibility that we are, in effect, all Martians."

[Of course, Enterprise Mission has been saying "We are the Martians" for many years now. Traces of a primordial human civilization clearly appear to exist on the surface of Mars, as well as the Moon.]

Panspermia, or the idea that Earth was "seeded" by life from outer space, is centuries old but until lately has not had much scientific evidence to support it.

But a European experiment last month demonstrates that microscopic life could indeed survive inside rocks hurtling through space.

A team led by John Parnell from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland embedded fossilized microbes into a fake meteorite strapped to the exterior of the Russian Foton M3 scientific-research probe, which went into orbit on Sept. 26 and came back to Earth 12 days later.

"In the bit of rock we got back, some biological compounds have survived," Parnell told National Geographic News.

The large number of rocks from Mars that end up on Earth lends credence to the hypothesis that terrestrial life may have had its origin on the Red Planet, which 4 billion years ago was much more hospitable than Earth was at the same time. (emphasis added)


Notice how the Russians were responsible for this experiment -- which occurred with the help of one of their space probes.

Notice also how the wording of the article inspires far more hope, imagination and insight than the actual scientific 'meat' in it, which is quite tame compared to what's really out there. Nonetheless, it defeats any skeptic who would suggest that any and all bacteria automatically die if they're inside a meteorite.

This article is intended to seed the imagination -- get people thinking outside the box -- and expand our ideas of what is possible.

Nonetheless, if it's 'meat' you want, it's 'meat' you're getting... particularly as we head into these next chunks of data!



Yesterday, November 12, 2007, a group of top military and government witnesses -- headed by former Arizona governor Fife Symington -- assembled at the National Press Club.

This event, financed by the Sci Fi Network, occurred almost precisely two weeks after our own... before there was any chance of the momentum for disclosure dying down.

Symington and crew delivered a formal presentation to the world's media regarding their personal knowledge and experience with the UFO phenomenon.

And guess what... our old buddies and pals at Fox News have given it full coverage, among many other media entities who are finally deciding to pull their heads out of the sand!

Skeptics should bear in mind that there is not a single titter, joke, slur of any kind in this piece... not even the slightest whiff of sarcasm, scorn, or slander. It is totally up-front, straight ahead and matter of fact.

And it's FOX! ... arguably the closest thing we've got to a direct mouthpiece for the United States Government.

The best way to rally public support around an issue like this is to get them thinking THEY are the ones who want to hear about it.

This is much stronger -- and safer -- than if they think YOU are the one who has decided it's time to tell them the truth.

Remember that:

Pilots Urge Government to Investigate UFOs
Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's time for the government to resume investigating UFOs, a group of former air pilots and other noteworthy officials told reporters Monday.

Former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington, who claims to have seen a UFO in 1997, led the panel at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

"We want the U.S. government to stop perpetuating the myth that all UFOs can be explained away in down-to-earth, conventional terms," said Symington, according to Agence France-Presse.

He called for the reopening of Project Blue Book, the Air Force's 18-year probe of UFO sightings, which was shut down in 1969 for lack of evidence.

Several pilots described their own encounters with UFOs.

"Nothing in my training prepared me for what we were witnessing," said retired Air Force Sgt. James Penniston, who said he saw and touched one while stationed in England.

The triangular craft had "blue and yellow lights swirling around the exterior," and was "warm to the touch and felt like metal."

The panel was sponsored by the Coalition for Freedom of Information, a group that agitates for public release of government information about UFOs and which has ties to cable television's SciFi Channel.

• Click on the highlighted phrases to read reports by Agence France-Presse, the BBC, Reuters and CTV.


As my old colleague Gene Roddenberry once exclaimed, "if it's real, then why don't I see it on TV?"

Roddenberry's Law was satisfied for Symington's press conference. Larry King devoted an entire episode of his show to this event!

Again, except for the very beginning of the show, where there was a tongue-in-cheek quip against Shirley McLaine, the entire program was straightforward, serious and supportive.

The skeptic who was brought in towards the end was a laughingstock, in this case. His arguments seemed utterly absurd in the face of the expert testimony that was being given.

Google is shooting down copies of this video like Cheney on a quail hunt, so don't be surprised if you have to do a bit of searching!

Link to Larry King video

As you have just seen, serious mainstream media coverage of the event is taking place -- even from such notably biased entities as Fox News.

This strongly suggests that Hoagland and Johnston's break into American television media coverage on the lunar ruins issue will soon follow.

The likelihood of such a break would be catapulted much further if there were new evidence that Russia will push for such a disclosure.

Hmm... let's see...



Now get this. On the very same day this "Disclosure" conference was held, Russia and India announced a joint mission... to the Moon!

This only happened, of course, after Putin offered the same deal to the US, only to be flatly turned down:

The leaders of veteran allies Russia and India agreed Monday to launch a joint unmanned mission to the moon during Kremlin talks on boosting military and trade ties.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced the plan after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, during which the two discussed projects for a more than twofold increase in trade by the end of the decade.

"The symbol of our cooperation is the joint agreement to send an unpiloted space ship to the moon for scientific investigation," Singh said in comments broadcast on Russian state television after the meeting.

Russia's space agency Roskosmos said it had signed an agreement with the Indian space agency for joint lunar exploration through 2017, including the construction of a module that will orbit the moon "for peaceful purposes."

"Russia and India will jointly build a space ship. Under the project we plan to send an entire laboratory to the moon," Roskosmos head Anatoly Perminov said in a statement...

The deals "open new prospects for our scientific, technical and production cooperation in sensitive areas," Putin said. (emphasis added)

Hmm... "cooperation in sensitive areas."

Very, very interesting indeed.

Stay tuned... there are other developments brewing that we are not yet authorized to disclose.

Well, we could tell you, but then we'd have to... you know.