By Richard C. Hoagland
with David Wilcock

© 2007 The Enterprise Mission

11/22/07, Updated 11/26/07



The repercussions of our National Press Club event (see Part One) have been beyond our wildest expectations.

This is NOT a story that briefly pops up, long enough to inspire the few who are open-minded enough to care, only to burrow back down into the cold, stony grave of media blackout.

Instead, Russia is CONTINUING to "run with the ball". Our publicity is actually INCREASING, not decreasing, as time goes on!


This very much suggests that a political initiative is building, and at this point we're only seeing the beginning stages of it. We have waited a long time for this day!

In this update, we are releasing even MORE images, some of which we have never before published, to help further increase the momentum and publicity for this story in the Russian media... and to inspire more of you to look for new anomalies in the Moon photographs, as this is just the beginning.

Though the production quality is amateur, the mainstream Russian newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets", or 'MK', has already put together a YouTube video, in English, documenting our research for their online readers:


In case you have trouble watching this video, the direct link is:


Here is a link to the article, all in Russian, where this video can be found -- and notice the increasing weight of comments from the public coming in:

Here is another article from MK, in Russian, that goes into detail about our research:


We've also found out that our story is breaking into the Russian newspapers. is said to be THE major online Russian news resource:


Komsomolskaya Pravda is one of the most popular daily newspapers in Russia:


Here is a scan of the MK newspaper from November 21st, 2007, which we linked to above... and as you can see, we made the front-page story:



Now, as of November 26, 2007, even MORE publicity is coming out. Perhaps even more interestingly, CNews, Russia's IT review, is now calling this NASA's "Moon Crisis".

At this time, the images at the bottom of this article do not seem to match the ones under discussion... so we have inserted what appear to be the correct ones. Both of these images were independently discovered by our Russian colleagues:

NASA Moon crisis: new images
December 06, 2007, Tue 11:15 AM Science

Ken Johnston, the NASA expert, the former Manager of the Data and Photo Control Department at NASA’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory during NASA’s manned Apollo Lunar Program, and the award winner Richard C. Hoagland presented on their site the Moon images, which resulted in accusing NASA of holding back the scientifically important information for about three centuries [sic].

[Here, they obviously meant to say "three decades". Unless they know more than they let on...]

The articles presented on the portal aroused interest abroad. Saying that the Russians independently revealed the anomalies on the images presented on the NASA site, which become evident even after the simplest processing, the mentioned people offer the possible explanation for the anomalies origin.

The image (picture 2) is given on CNews R&D blog with no comments. The site creators only say '... the Russians revealed the most evident image processing...' The given processing results in the image of an astronaut containing nothing dubious at first site to become rather strange.

[This image, discovered by our Russian friends, shows what appears to be undeniable evidence of air-brushing to hide something behind the astronaut.

The fuzzy edge shows where the black spray-paint from the airbrush was applied, likely after the astronaut was masked over with a careful cut-out from another print of the same photograph.

The shape of the black mass is undoubtedly a clue to the actual shape that was painted away. Imagine what the original must look like. Let's go back there and find it!]


The anomalies on the other image (picture 4) also presented on CNews R&D portal are likely to have been explained. According to Richard C. Hoagland, in the given case one can speak about processing the image with a razor blade, the given technology used in the analog era.

[See Part One for our explanation of this anomaly in our own words.]

The given technology means that several positives are first produced. Then one of them is used as a background, while some fragments are cut out of the others, so that finally the undesirable objects in the image are covered. Under the given circumstances the parallel lines, which are not seen on the final analog image, can be revealed through digital processing.


As this new article goes on -- Part Two in our series -- you will find even more links to places where you can start downloading your own hi-resolution Moon photos, making basic adjustments like Brightness, Contrast and Curves in Photoshop, and find even more potentially unexpected treasures.

Of course, we will give you proper credit for your discoveries -- as we did with these two images first published in the CNews R&D blog. You are about to see even more shocking new images as we move forward.

If you are a member of the Russian media, remember that the more you publicize this story, the more it will force NASA to respond.

We do not wish anyone to lose their jobs or be humiliated... we are simply proving to NASA, and those who control it, that the people are not only ready for the truth -- we demand it.



And, below this e-mail is our Russian translator's English overview of what the Russian "Moskovsky Komsomolets" newspaper series actually says. It is clear to see that our case is receiving favorable coverage:


Beginning of article:

Richard Hoagland: "Footprints of Human Civilization are found on Moon"

NASA consultant gave shocking interview to MK.RU.

Many people remember the recent Washington press conference of the former manager of the Data and Photo Control Department at NASA’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory, during the manned Apollo Lunar Program -- Ken Johnston.

Everything told by the specialist looks like science fiction: he informed that, supposedly, footprints of an ancient and evidently non-human civilization were found on Moon 40 years ago.

NASA ordered Johnston to destroy photoevidence. But Johnston disobeyed, and saved a few images.

Briefly, Hoagland-Johnston's accusations of NASA are following: Apollo missions asronauts found architectural and technological footprints af ancient civilizations, and made their picturtes.

Besides this, astronauts obtained a technology to control gravitation. NASA had been keeping this information in secret from the public.

MK.RU succeeded to take an exclusive intervew from Johnston, former NASA consultant after Apollo program, and founder and chief researcher of the Enterprise Mission, Richard Hoagland.



Before we head into the original Q&A that formed the meat of this article, our translator also found one instance where my original text was heavily edited down into a simplified form.

Here you will see the edited version. Right after this, our article heads into the full, unaltered Q&A... and towards the end, you will find the original source text that this came from.


MK: There is information that a new way of controlling gravitation was found on the Moon. Has it been tried? Does it work?

Richard Hoagland: In Chapter Two of "Dark Mission", we write about 50 years of investigations into "gravity," also carried out by a brilliant Russian astrophysicist, Nikolai A Kozyrev. It was the Soviets who proved experimentally that gravity can be "engineered," i.e. controlled.


I believe that NASA went to the Moon, in part, to find confirmation of this particular discovery of Soviet scientists. NASA's earliest attempts to send its own unmanned space probes to the Moon reveals a lack of knowledge about the REAL gravitational effects. Soviet specialists had this information.

But, we ran out of time in Washington to provide the demonstration ....)


My co-author for this article series, David Wilcock, has written the single most comprehensive, distilled summary of Kozyrev's fascinating findings at this link. It has been reprinted in NEXUS magazine and other sources, including the German version of NEXUS, slated for February 2008.

Wilcock shows how Kozyrev's astonishing, simple experiments lead to new insights about gravity, matter, energy and consciousness. He believes Russia has discovered the science that can and will save our planet, if we act quickly enough.

Wilcock is writing and producing a Hollywood movie to educate the world about consciousness science, entitled CONVERGENCE. He has already been approached by scientists and media from Russia and other countries, and has tested a working prototype of a Russian "torsion field" generator.

Enterprise Mission also is producing a documentary film about the Moon Crisis, due for release next year, to help support the outrageous success of "Dark Mission," which is holding steady on the New York Times Bestseller List.



And now, the moment we've been waiting for... the actual Q&A "Moskovsky Komsomolets" sent to me, along with my answers. This is where the real 'meat' of our article comes into play, as much of this content was edited down for publication:

MK: What do you think of a widespread opinion, that the USA have [sic] never been on the Moon and that the shots of American cosmonaut[s] on the Moon are made in a film studio?

Richard C. Hoagland:

It's a lie.

Based on NASA evidence I have gathered and analyzed for over 20 years, this "persistent rumor" is, in fact, carefully constructed "military disinformation" -- designed to conceal what NASA REALLY discovered on the Moon and brought back to Earth.

As we record in our new book, "Dark Mission: the Secret History of NASA," I was reporting on the Apollo 11 Mission at NASA's "JPL facility" as official Science Advisor for CBS News, in July 1969 when the first NASA astronauts were returning from the Moon.

Based on what I personally witnessed there, I strongly now believe that NASA itself began the lie "we never went to the Moon" -- as ultimate insurance against anyone someday asking "what did NASA REALLY discover on the Moon?!"

I believe that NASA, by carefully planting this entire "Moon hoax myth" in 1969, was setting the stage for the long-term concealment of the real reason for, and the major outcome of, President Kennedy's "crash" Apollo Moon Program.

Namely, it appears that military astronauts were specifically sent to the Moon by NASA -- with secret orders to report on and bring back priceless, ancient ET technology they found there. These were intended to be used for later classified analysis and "back-engineering" by NASA and the US government.

Why did Ken Johnston and you decide to reveal the secret data at this precise moment? Why didn't you do it earlier? Were you afraid of something?

Richard C. Hoagland:

We didn't wait.

Ken Johnston and I, and several other former NASA engineers and scientists, participated in a previous Enterprise Mission sponsored news conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC, on the precise subject of “prior NASA suppression of Apollo images, showing ancient lunar ruins …" back in 1996.

Ken described then how he had been instructed by his NASA superiors to destroy these images during the Apollo Program. He presented to the press, at that time, some of the classified Apollo photographs themselves which, against official orders, he had carefully preserved.

These photographs, in fact, showed blatant "lunar ET ruins."

No one seemed to care.

Now, hundreds of these previously hidden Apollo images (so far ...) are suddenly being posted on official NASA websites all over the world. This confirms everything Dr. Johnston revealed in 1996. As a result, I felt that it was time for us to try again.

Because of the Internet, people anywhere on Earth (including the public, members of the press and the overwhelming majority of honest scientists in NASA ...) can now go to the NASA websites we cited at our recent (2007) National Press Club briefing, and download these amazing images themselves.

"Fear" was never an issue. Getting serious attention was.

MK: Are you afraid that NASA or USA government could be after you because of the fact that you've disclosed this secret?

Richard C. Hoagland:


Other "whistle blowers" inside NASA -- only lacking the courage of Ken Johnston, to actually face the press -- have been posting these amazing "confirming lunar ruins images" on all the official Space Agency websites, all over the world, for about a year now.

These new high-resolution images overwhelmingly confirm exactly what Ken Johnston was trying to tell everyone back in 1996.

We have only barely scratched the surface of what must be out there. We are increasingly getting emails from people who are studying the images and finding new things just by making slight adjustments in Photoshop, such as brightness and contrast or Curves.

Here is one of the stunning examples we only recently discovered, which came from Apollo 17.

Some people might want to quibble about the color contrasts in the lunar sky, and that's fine. Even though there is no acceptable natural explanation for these straight-line formations appearing, it's easier to dismiss as a "what if"...


However, look more closely. The long, thin rod-shaped girder, lying aginst the side of the mountain, is about as direct, distinct and unnatural as you could ever ask for:


Now remember. If the dark, straight lines in the full-width image ARE actually part of a glass structure, then you might very well see support girders or pillars holding it up.

What would happen if one of those support struts -- well over a mile in length -- broke off from a meteor hit, and toppled over, landing against the mountainside? Would it bend against the mountain before finally coming to rest, as we see in the picture?

Would the sunlight then capture it at a different angle, so that if your camera were positioned properly, you'd get a bright reflection? You might not get such a glare from the rest of the surrounding glass structure, as it would be largely invisible to the naked eye unless the light were at the perfect angle.

Before dismissing this as a manipulated image, skeptics should remember that this image can be found directly here:


In case you don't have the patience or desire to look for new anomalies and send us the results, you can link directly to the above image here... and see the bizarre anomalies, including the fallen 'cable', for yourself:

Getting back to the thrust of your question, we have seen one case of open retribution against Dr. Johnston. This appeared in the sad efforts of one former NASA contractor, James Oberg, who is now a science consultant for the NBC network.

Oberg got Dr. Johnston dismissed from his volunteer position in a current JPL educational program, strictly because of his public testimony in "Dark Mission."


Oberg felt that Dr. Johnston was criticizing NASA’s actions during and after the Apollo missions, and convinced Dr Johnston's boss, Kay Ferrari, to immediately fire him and remove all traces of his service from the public record online.

Any further examples of harassment, threats or intimidation towards either Dr. Johnston or me would simply politically confirm what we've been saying for eleven years:

That NASA has been officially hiding the REAL Moon all this time.

MK: Is it true that Nikita Khrushchev learnt [sic] of Moon secrets from Kennedy, who suggested that they should arrange a joint flight to the Moon? What is this information based on?

Richard C. Hoagland:

We have not yet found definitive proof that the President told Premier Khrushchev what NASA believed was waiting on the Moon in the early 1960s.

We do know that NASA's so-called "Brookings Report" officially predicted "lunar ET ruins" could be discovered. [Look at the second full paragraph up from the bottom of this next image.] This report was published prior to the Kennedy-Khruschev meetings.

You can clearly see this New York Times article dated as December 15, 1960:

Here is another important fact we have uncovered. In a joint session of the US Congress, on May 25, 1961, President Kennedy publicly announced the Apollo Program. This was heralded as a major United States effort to "beat the Soviet Union to the Moon."

However, just two weeks after making this announcement, the President privately met up with Premier Khruschev at their first Vienna Summit... and suggested that both nations "go to the Moon together!"


And, the official White House documents and memos we cite in "Dark Mission" support the fact that the President kept repeating his offer... across several years of secret background talks and negotiations!

This included a highly public statement, in which Kennedy offered the same proposal -- namely of a "joint cooperation on a US/Soviet lunar mission" -- at the United Nations, on September 20, 1963.

The plot thickens with testimony we uncovered from Premier Khrushchev’s son, Sergei.

On or about November 12, 1963 -- after literally years of turning the President down -- the Soviet Premier finally accepted President Kennedy's offer of "a joint Moon mission."

Ten days later the President was killed.

It is my personal opinion that President Kennedy, at some point in their protracted, secret discussions on this issue, HAD to have shared his extraordinary classified information -- the existence of actual ET ruins "right next door, on the Moon" -- with Premier Khrushchev.

How else can one rationally explain this: Two major geopolitical enemies come within “a hair's-breadth of annihilating the human race in a nuclear war” in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Then suddenly, just a year later, they agree to JOINTLY forsake the highly public "Moon race" ... and go to the Moon together!

Only one thing, in my opinion, was big enough to cause these two rivals to put aside their deep and profound geopolitical differences: the prospect of jointly sharing in the scientific and technological wonders of a real, long-departed, extraterrestrial civilization ... on the Moon ... for all Humanity.

A dream that died, "still-born," when the President was abruptly assassinated -- just days after both men had reached their astonishing agreement....

MK: We learn that modified technologies were found on the Moon and it [sic] will boost [an] arms race on the Earth. What technologies are you speaking about? Is it possible to stop these technologies from spreading?

Richard C. Hoagland:

We have not spoken or written about any "modified technologies" found by the United States (through NASA) on the Moon -- either in "Dark Mission," or at our recent National Press Club briefing.

We DO cite specific examples of apparent highly advanced original lunar technology (i.e. "C3-P0's head"), discovered on our examination of official, published NASA Apollo images.


Such a technology could have been returned to Earth and "back engineered" by NASA over the more than 40 years that have elapsed since the Apollo Program ended.

Whether this back engineering took place, and whether it has led to "military applications," is at present total speculation.

However, sadly, most technological discoveries in history have been converted to various military uses at some point in their development. Consider the Wright Brothers' airplane or Einstein's nuclear energy.

So, despite all the peaceful uses such wondrous ET technologies could dramatically advance, we must also seriously consider the possibility that they have been used for military purposes.

The answer to stopping the potential military application of any "secret, advanced technologies found clandestinely by NASA on the Moon" is to make them public!

Then, their peaceful value to all Mankind -- the apparently shared vision of President Kennedy and Premier Khrushchev more than 40 years ago, in their determination to put aside their rivalries and jointly go to the Moon -- will take precedence.

"Distrust" flourishes in "secrets". Trust and beneficial cooperation thrive on open knowledge ... fully shared.

MK: What do you think of the found [discovered] civilization? Is it a new Atlantis?

Richard C. Hoagland:

I believe NASA, through Project Apollo, confirmed the remains of an awesome, ancient, but ultimately human civilization on the Moon -- built by Humanity's "great, great, great, great ancestors."

It appears that what we have been able to publicly reveal from official NASA data is, in fact, only a small part of an even greater, ancient, long-lost human civilization.


Our evidence suggests this civilization spread all across the entire solar system at one time. This evidence includes ancient ruins we have scientifically investigated on the planet Mars. Other official NASA data, which also has been long-suppressed, makes the case.

We also have documented in “Dark Mission” that NASA has deliberately and successfully hidden all this scientific evidence -- of a stunning set of ancient ET discoveries on many nearby worlds -- from our entire planet, and has been doing so for over 40 years.

So, are the ruins on the Moon a "new Atlantis?"

I believe this might be the old "Atlantis" -- which (among other capabilities) may have possessed the technology of going to the Moon many thousands (if not millions) of years ago from Earth.

They may then have built the amazing glass-like ruins we still can see there, in the long-hidden NASA data.

Certain Egyptian myths refer to "a god-like being of Wisdom – Thoth -- who came from the Moon, and taught Humanity on Earth the art of language, writing, architecture, etc., etc."

Is this ancient Egyptian myth actually a badly-preserved fragment of real pre-history?

Did our ancestors come back from the Moon to civilize later generations of humans that had devolved (for some reason...) and were still living here on Earth?

We can all find out if any of this speculative "history" is true, if we jointly, publicly, now investigate this amazing possibility together.

We do this by going back to the Moon in cooperation, not as rivals ... just as President Kennedy and Premiere Khrushchev wanted to do so many years ago, before they both were stopped!

MK: They say that a new way of controlling gravitation was found on the Moon. Has it been tried? Does it work?

Richard C. Hoagland:

After over 50 years of SOVIET investigations and experiments into "gravity," initially carried out by a brilliant Russian astrophysicist, Nikolai A Kozyrev, it was the Soviets who proved experimentally that "gravitation" is a "non-Newtonian and non-Einsteinian" (non-General Relativity) phenomenon.

Ultimately, they proved that gravity CAN be "engineered," i.e. controlled. We document this in Chapter Two of "Dark Mission."

I believe that NASA went to the Moon, in part, to find "ET technology". This would confirm the Soviets' laboratory findings of gravity control through sophisticated ancient hardware. The Soviets' findings were hinted at by the CIA's translation of Kozyrev's earliest scientific papers, before his later work was classified by Kremlin censors.

Correct analysis of NASA's earliest attempts to send its own unmanned space probes to the Moon (especially the Ranger series) reveals a puzzling, astonishing lack of knowledge about the REAL gravitational effects of trying to reach the Moon.

This is in sharp contrast to the Soviets' masterful control of their spacecraft trajectories to the Moon and other planets, from the beginning of their exploration program.

Even Werner Von Braun, the German Nazi rocket engineer whose team designed and built the ultimately successful rockets for NASA's Apollo Program, is known to have publicly lamented the apparent "early lack of decent NASA knowledge of the effects of gravity in space," during those repeated, initial NASA years of failures.

I had planned to demonstrate at the Press Club in Washington a widely-available technology, a "toy" – called “the Levitron" -- which clearly reveals the current lack of mainstream (publicly-known) physics understanding of how gravity ultimately works!


This toy, in itself, proves that there MUST be a "hidden physics" for successfully getting to the Moon and other planets. Otherwise, no nation’s space probes -- Russians or Americans -- would ever reach their targets!

But, we ran out of time in Washington to provide the demonstration ....

MK: There is a suspicion that your sensation[al disclosure] of civilization on the Moon has been initiated by the government of the USA. Please comment on this opinion.

Richard C. Hoagland:


We have been fighting our own government for over 20 years, in an effort to get this classified NASA data publicly released and peer reviewed.

Were it not now for other, invisible "whistle blowers" inside NASA, who have apparently heeded our calls, and have begun their own voluminous release of hundreds of high-quality, scanned Apollo images of what's REALLY on the Moon, we would not be having this discussion!

Further, during the height of the Cold War, after President Kennedy was killed, and after Premier Khrushchev had been "deposed" in late 1964, the Soviet Union sent an unmanned probe to the Moon -- Zond 3 -- which ALSO photographed several sets of ancient ET ruins!

Later, when I attempted to secure hard copies of these amazing Soviet images for detailed analysis, my representative in Moscow was literally pulled into a room at the old Soviet Academy of Sciences building... and told pointedly to "stop looking."


So, the secrecy and lies surrounding this crucial, intensely controversial subject -- the discovery of architectural ruins and technology of a genuine ancient civilization on the Moon, as well as other remains lying on worlds all across the solar system, and its stunning implications for ALL of Humankind -- has NOT just been perpetuated by NASA and the American government.

It has also been a lie that was willingly supported by former Soviet governments as well!

This is why, in my opinion, Premier Khrushchev suffered a lesser, but equally determinative fate only months after John Kennedy was killed.

He too was opposed by powerful and secret forces, who did not want ANY public revelations of WHY the US and the USSR, for one brief moment, had agreed to JOINTLY go to the Moon.

In closing:

In my opinion, it is now up to George Bush and Vladimir Putin to resume what two true statesmen -- John Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev -- attempted to do for all Humanity so many years ago:

Introduce all of us to Mankind's REAL history ... which is still waiting on the Moon.

Thank you for your important questions.

Richard C. Hoagland,
Founder and Principal Investigator,
The Enterprise Mission