Kennedy's "Grand NASA Plan"

Part I

The mysterious Pyramids of Giza, starkly outlined against another Egyptian sunrise, represent one of the last surviving... if still mysterious (despite a century of Egyptologists' best efforts)... "ancient Wonders of the World." Recent discoveries linking their very design and architecture to a key star group looming overhead against that dawn -- the celestial figure of "Osiris," central character in the most sacred mythologies of Ancient Egypt... the constellation of "Orion"-- only reinforce the growing mystery over the true reasons for their astonishing construction...

Are these towering enigmas just the "simple tombs" that Egyptologists have insisted all along?; or, are they the surviving remnants-- a literal "time capsule"-- of something infinitely more significant... proof at last of a literal Forgotten Age... known to all later generations only as "Atlantis?"

When the Space Age finally dawned, inevitable comparisons were also drawn... between John Kennedy's bold program called "Apollo"... another "superhuman technological achievement," destined ultimately to leave an eternal set of human footprints on the Moon... and the forces which had, somehow, brought forth that previous set of "impossible" human monuments that mark eternity... beside the Nile.

The recent discovery of a little-known official NASA "logo"-- the official insignia of the entire Apollo Program to the Moon-- now raises the level of the mystery veiling Ancient Egypt to unprecedented levels... and forces us to ask: "What could be 'the Link'-- between official, 'scientific NASA,' and... 'a thousands-of-years-old, religious mythology direct from ancient Egypt... and the Pyramids!?'--

"Via an official 'Apollo' Logo-- which is none other than... 'Osiris'... the constellation of 'Orion,' and... the Pyramids?"

And why does NASA-- 30 years after the Apollo Program-- currently have an entire spaceship named after the mythological precedent of those same Pyramids... a Space Shuttle called "Atlantis?"

"Who has known 'What' about our Past... and... for how long...?"

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