The "Age of Horus" Dawns

The Time is Now ...

... Because it's Later Than You Think

The world has watched and waited as the unfolding electoral chaos in Florida has gripped us now for weeks. As might be expected, we at Enterprise have a "slightly different take" on what's currently occurring than most other political observers. In fact, if we are right -- based on almost three years of astonishing historical research initiated by Enterprise Principal Investigator Richard C. Hoagland -- what we are seeing currently on television is only the beginning of an unfolding story that will leave you shaken to the core ...

At last tally, there have been three full or partial recounts of some counties in Florida (with more recounts in progress as we write). The results have only increasingly confused the issue: from an initial lead of almost 2000 votes election night, after the legally-triggered partial recounts of the State, George W. Bush's lead has dramatically diminished. According to the latest State certified figures, he has now been "elected" as the 43rd President of the United States of America by a mere 300 votes in Florida, thereby winning all of Florida's 25 Electoral Votes. (Most observers believe that an expected Republican majority in the estimated ~4000 "overseas" absentee ballots waiting to be counted will only swell that lead.)

Yet, despite this seemingly self-evident reality, Democrat Al Gore, the current Vice-President of the United States, has been perceived by many as willing to pursue any and all legal options to rescind this incredibly narrow margin of victory for Bush. And the limited recounts done to date seem to confirm his overall contention: that an accurate hand recount of the entire state will confirm his right to Florida's 25 Electoral Votes, not Bush. Just as vehemently, Bush has now attempted in Federal and State Court, with a flurry of legal motions against all the counties attempting hand recounts, to stop all further actions, an attempt which was partially thwarted by two prompt Florida Supreme Court decisions that such recounts move ahead. At this point, further actions by both sides before the Florida Supreme Court, if not ultimately the Supreme Court of the United States, seem inevitable ...

Paradoxically at the same time as it was vigorously fighting the very concept of "hand" recounts in Florida, the Republican campaign has floated the possibility of asking for identical recounts in several other states where Gore won with very narrow margins. This, despite the fact that the Republicans have as much as accused the Democrats of trying to "steal the national election" based on such "legal technicalities" in one state; and, against their own position in Florida, they seem ready to pursue equivalent Democratic tactics -- i.e. hand recounts -- in other states when it furthers their Republican campaign.

All of this is in stark contrast to the "statesman-like" behavior of the candidates in the next closest presidential election in U.S. history. Despite strong evidence of blatant ballot tampering in Illinois, then Vice-President Richard M. Nixon, running against John F. Kennedy, Senator from Massachusetts, chose NOT to pursue legal remedies and contest the results of the 1960 election. Nixon realized that had he done so, he would have caused precisely the sort of partisan chaos we are now enduring, and he would have probably squandered any lasting good will from the American people because of it. In the end, partly because of his decision, Nixon "stayed alive" politically and was eventually elected to the high office twice before resigning in a scandal that now seems tame compared to the lurching turmoil we have experienced around the Presidency over the last few years.

So why, given this well-known political history, are both current candidates apparently so desperate to achieve the Presidency of the United States in this "Turn of the Millennium" election? Both are certainly still young enough to attempt another run for the White House in four years. Bush especially, with virtually half the Country expressing a desire to have him be the next President, is in an extraordinarily strong position to come back in 2004 and revisit the closest U.S. election in history. What could motivate them both to potentially throw it all away in a desperate power play right now -- at the probable expense of their place in history and their standing with the people who elected them (and who could elect them again!)? And what of the serious, looming national crisis of "illegitimacy" overhanging any attempt -- by either man -- to govern after this bitterly contested election?

The answer, strangely enough, lies not in present day America but in the vast ancient sands of post-diluvial Egypt and Sumer. What we are seeing here is not merely the use of "any and all means" to obtain the powers of the day, but rather a playing out of an ancient symbolic conflict that will inevitably consume all the rest of us ... whether we know of it or not!

Let's start with the term "president" itself: from our previously published, extensive historical and mythological research we now know this title directly derives from ancient Egyptian mythology, being one of the many terms for Osiris, the "god of the dead" himself. The actual title is "Osiris, President (First) of the Westerners" -- "Westerners" being a term referring to those who died in Egypt and were subsequently buried on the Western side of the Nile. The term "First" (president) is especially interesting, as a close reading could also apply it to Osiris' son, Horus, who was his "first son." So, in this context, "president" could also be directly translated as "Horus!"

What we are seeing play out in Florida, we believe, from our previous research into this entire issue of the historically-documented Masonic/Egyptian origins of the office of "President (First) of the United States," is nothing less than a battle among self-appointed "gods," Gore and Bush, over who gets to be "Horus" at the "end of days!"

And make no mistake, we are truly at The End of Days. We have waited nearly a year now to reveal what we have come to know (and yet still have an incredibly hard time believing ...). The "Millennium" (as popularly perceived on January 1) just past, was NOT an insignificant, arbitrary event. It was, in fact, a specific marker set up as a "final warning" of what is to come, of "the Eternity, before which we stand upon the Brink ..."

This political chaos currently playing out on global television is not merely a conflict between two competing social or economic philosophies. From our research, it is nothing less than a competition for "the soul of the human race," a war over who gets to be in control when the cataclysm strikes, who gets to ensure that their side ultimately survives  ...

And if the rest of us "useful idiots" don't begin to reassert control ... and now, we will insure that one of them will win out, at the expense of not just their opponents ... but of the rest of the entire human race.

This will not end quietly, as the 1960 controversy did. It cannot ... if we are right. Both sides will -- must! -- use any and all methods and options at their disposal to obtain this White House. It's easy to concede when you think you have a future; the problem here is that neither side believes, after the events of January 1, 2000, there's now much "future" left, and the political blood bath will continue until one side is ultimately vanquished. If we are right, there will be no "dignified exit" this time, for one or the other contender "for the good of the country." Because, simply put, neither side can afford -- at this late hour -- to lose this literally "life and death fight" ...

To fully understand this -- to help you appreciate just how and why the stakes are now SO great -- we must take you back to the (false) turn of "the Millennium" just past, and the extraordinary (but hidden) events that marked those glorious, globally meaningful moments seen -- but not widely understood -- around the world on network television.

But be warned, we are truly not in Kansas anymore ...

As the world watched and celebrated on New Years Eve 1999, a series of occult symbolic religious rituals were carried out simultaneously in New York's Times Square and on the Mall in Washington DC -- in some cases right under our noses -- by the elite inside group (or groups) we have been tracking at Enterprise for some years now. The traditional secular celebration ritual of the new year -- parties, champagne, and hopefully a kiss at midnight -- paled in comparison to the exotic and opulent commemoration put on the power elite on worldwide TV. By our reckoning, this turn of the century was something of a coming out party for the shy debutants that have worked so carefully in the background for so many years at NASA/JPL and various government agencies. We fully expected a major ramp up in the symbolic gamesmanship based on the overwhelmingly Hyperdimensional "Millennium Ball" planned to drop in Times Square. We were not disappointed.

More important to us however was not so much the details of the celebration itself, but rather just what was being privately (in front of billions of people) celebrated and how we got to this place and time to witness this "Millennium turn" at all. For -- as we were constantly reminded -- the "real" millennium doesn't turn until next year -- 2001 -- and, it was all just arbitrarily arranged to happen on this date and time in the first place.

If you believe that one, then you probably believe that NASA switched the crews on Mir because they planned to send up an astronaut with a space suit that didn't fit.

You see, this whole weird festival -- the details of which we will get to in a minute -- so elegantly orchestrated by the various networks and broadcast to the world (and beyond), was actually set up centuries, if not millennia, if not tens of thousands of years ago in order that we might bear witness to a very special celestial event. An event which unfortunately may signal that we are approaching a very critical period in human history.

New York's celebration was held in the traditional Gotham locale of Times Square, witnessed by at least 2 million people in attendance in and around the Square. New York has been a magnet for all things Egyptian lately, and it also holds a significant place in the overall "Cydonia" connections of these ceremonies by occupying the crucial "Cydonia latitude" on Earth, sharing the monumental location of 41° N latitude with the Face and City. 

The centerpiece of the celebration was the aforementioned Millennium Ball, covered not only with dozens of crystal tetrahedrons, but hundreds of seven-pointed stars. According to the Waterford company, the presence of the seven-pointed star on the Times Square ball was in reference to the seven continents of the Earth. 

"12th planet" guru and Sumerian scholar Zechariah Sitchin has in the past tried to tie the seven-pointed star symbolism to the Earth, as opposed the more obvious conclusion that it meant to represent a star in the sky. One star, Sirius, shines brighter than any other and is also among the most prominent in the ancient astronomical religions of the Egyptians and the Dogon tribe of Africa, among others. The seven-pointed star is also well represented in both Sumerian and Babylonian cylinder seals, cuneiform texts and glyphs. For Sitchin to assume that the symbol was not meant to represent Sirius always seemed a bit curious to us. 

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Indeed, there are existing cylinder seals in the British Museum which depict the Sumerian god Enki (a key figure in this symbolic mystery) rising from a pit or mine with rays emanating from his shoulders and a seven-pointed star in the background. Sitchin has interpreted this image as being an indication that the mines were radioactive and that the soldiers around Enki had to use shielding to protect themselves from the radiation. He has completely failed to justify his contention that the seven pointed star is meant to represent Earth. The scholars at the British Museum however, are quite sure of the meaning of the seven-pointed star -- they unequivocally identify it as Sirius.

The story of the Dogon is a key to understanding just why this seven pointed star on the Millennium ball was not meant to represent the seven continents of the Earth, as claimed by the Waterford press release, but must in fact represent Sirius.

Member of the Royal Astronomical Society (among many other prestigious academic institutions like the Egypt Exploration Society, the Royal Historical Society and the British School of Archeology) Robert Temple has been investigating the beliefs of the Dogon for several decades. Despite a vigorous and at times vicious suppression campaign led by American intelligence agencies and NASA luminaries like the late Dr. Carl Sagan and German Baron Jesco Von Puttkammer, Temple's theories have survived to be tested by the astronomical community. The essence of Temple's argument was based on the knowledge, possessed by the Dogon since ancient times (at least as far back as pre-dynastic Egypt), of a dark, dense companion star to Sirius. This knowledge was not obtained by western science until the late 1800's, based on perturbations in Sirius' motion.

Actually, though the gravitational presence of a "companion" was inferred in 1834 (by Bessel) from Sirius' motion, and the actual companion star visually seen in 1861 in a 26-inch telescope (by Clark), it wasn't until 1912 -- when its spectrum was first photographed from Mt. Wilson -- that the radiative temperature (and thus the size) of "Sirius B" could be calculated. It turned out to be only about three times the diameter of Earth, yet the star "weighed" about as much as the Sun!! This was the first hard information on the truly astonishing, "superdense" nature of this class of stars -- ultimately to be known as "white dwarfs."

Sirius and Sirius B

According to Temple, this information was passed to the Dogon thousands of years ago by "aquatic aliens who came from Sirius" and imparted the knowledge to the otherwise primitive tribe, before departing to Sirius with a promise to return. Besides being the center of the Dogon religious beliefs, Sirius is also sacred to the cultures and religions of ancient Egypt as the stellar equivalent of Isis, the goddess of life and birth.

What we have come to know now is that the influence of Sirius goes far deeper and has a greater effect on our modern lives then even the Dogon could have possibly imagined. It now seems that -- true to the Dogon beliefs -- Sirius, and no other celestial object or religious factor, determines what we have come to know as the modern "Gregorian" calendar.

According to Marcel Griaule and Gemaine Dieterlen, the two French anthropologists who made the first intensive survey of the tribe and its customs and rituals, in the journal African Worlds;

"The starting point of creation is the star which revolves round Sirius and is actually named the "Digitaria star"; it is regarded by the Dogon as the smallest and heaviest of all the stars; it contains the germs of all things. Its movement on its own axis and around Sirius upholds all creation in space. We shall see that its orbit determines the calendar."

This cryptic statement, pointed out to Temple by Arthur Young, makes the rather extraordinary claim that our calendar is determined somehow by the influence of Sirius B. 

What we have found is an extraordinary set of links to the notion  that our modern calendar is indeed designed around the literal motion of Sirius -- to the exclusion of almost all other astronomical considerations. And further, that the odd Millennial celebrations we all just witnessed -- in Giza, Washington, Paris and New York -- were overwhelmingly dedicated to the literal (if highly secret) worship of this specific, "sacred star!"

While we are in total agreement with Temple as to the immense significance of the "impossible" astronomical information related by the Dogon, we are equally certain his assumptions about the identities of these advanced beings -- as coming from Sirius, and viewed as literal "water gods" by the Dogon -- is incomplete, at best.

Other critics, most notably Sagan -- who conducted a now-documentable, aggressive, dirty, one man crusade to keep Temple's ideas from being explored -- argued that "western missionaries" must have somehow "polluted" the Dogon with the Sirius knowledge, since the existence of Sirius B was evidently known before the first anthropological studies of the tribe had been made. The problem with this often repeated, still widely believed story ... casually fabricated by Sagan one night on the widely-viewed "Johnny Carson Show" ... is that it was (and is) categorically false! 

In fact, Griaule and Dieterlen stated in their peer-reviewed paper that the "Sirius beliefs" of the Dogon seemed to extend back in time at least 3000 years. This was done by counting markings on ceremonial masks and other ritual objects, which were used (and then retired) by the tribe every 60 years. Further, the Dogon's characterization of the companion star as "small" and "heavy" -- which are exactly the characteristics of a white dwarf, was unknown to western science for decades after the Dogon had been discovered.

Undeterred, these critics then pointed to a further Dogon belief that there was a third smaller "Red Dwarf" star in the Sirius system and claimed that the absence of such a star was "proof" that the Dogon were just making a lucky guess. Temple predicted the existence of such a star in 1976, shortly after the original publication of the book. To the further chagrin of the critics, French astronomers Daniel Benest and J. L. Duvent published the results of years of study in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics ("Is Sirius a Triple Star?" Astronomy and Astrophysics Vol.299, 1995 pp621-8) stating that a small red dwarf star, Sirius C, seems to exist in the system of the star Sirius. Since the further perturbations in the motion of Sirius A and B cannot be explained by any other mechanism than this third member of the system, it would seem that the last of the critical objections has been overturned.

Even so, how do we know that the star on the crystal ball is in fact Sirius? Primarily, because it is seven-pointed. Seven is very significant number in the Hyperdimensional Model, being the maximum number of spin (rotation) symmetries attainable with a tetrahedron. A further clue comes from the Egyptians themselves, who described Sirius itself as a "doorway" to higher dimensions. A literal "Hyperdimensional stargate!"

The Egyptians originally believed that when the Pharaoh died, he was transported to Sirius (a belief later transposed to the constellation of "Sah" -- Osiris/Orion), where he "became a star" and passed into the next life, to join the gods in their abode. To facilitate this (obviously "Hyperdimensional") transformation to a higher plane of existence, they apparently made sure that one of the so-called "air shafts" in the "Queens Chamber" pointed directly toward this crucial "stargate" -- Sirius.

So given all this, we are more than satisfied that the motif of Sirius within the triangle tipped by the tetrahedrons is a reinforcing reference to tetrahedral or "Hyperdimensional" physics, apparently meant to invoke some sort of magical properties as the new year dawned. The design of the ball would naturally reflect the key components of this magic and it seems safe to assume that Sirius, if indeed it is somehow the focus of this celebration, would be in an important position in the sky.

As you can see from the graphic above, Sirius was not only above New York in the ever present "Masonic/Tetrahedral" altitude of 33° at precisely midnight, 2000, it was also dead on the North/ South meridian. Along with the horizon, the meridian is the most important part of the sky in the ancient Egyptian astronomical religions (see below).

To find the "Dog Star," Sirius, in an  extremely significant position in the sky (on the meridian, at 33°) at the exact moment that the Hyperdimensional ball was dropped in Times Square is certainly a conjunction of extremely rare events. But what does it mean?

A hint was detected in the video frames taken by ABC's synchronized fixed camera in Times Square.

Upon examining our tapes of the New Years' celebrations, Enterprise principal investigator Richard C. Hoagland discovered something odd. Just milliseconds before the lighting of the Sign -- during that brief interval between the Ball touching down, blinking out, and the actual lighting of the "2000" numerals -- a series of strange, geometric shapes appeared in the space normally occupied by the Sign. The pattern seemed to change at a much faster rate than the 60 frames per second scan of the recording camera, but since this one fixed camera location happened to be "synched" with the changing of the pattern, it caught several frames of the display. (Other, hand held network cameras, placed around the Square but not "gen locked" with ABC Master Control for the live broadcast, caught only fragmentary images.)

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At first, we assumed that this was some sort of warm up or priming of the sign's lighting system. But the problem with that explanation is that the sign itself is obviously made up of bright golden-white lights, and the geometric pattern that dramatically (if fleetingly) appeared was composed of distinctly blue-white lights. Since the geometric pattern of blue-white illumination was clearly unconnected to the actual "2000" numerals lit milliseconds later, and was also completely invisible to the literally millions of naked eyes that stared upward from Times Square as the New Year turned ... what the hell was it's real purpose?

We are leaning toward the idea that it was a clandestine "data-burst" -- several short, microsecond transmissions of specifically encoded information, timed to fall between the blinking out of the "Millennium Ball" and the lighting of the official "Welcome 2000" Sign. As to what the code might actually be saying, we haven't a clue!; it does bear some resemblance (in the frames we captured) to certain types of Sumerian cuneiform. Was somebody trying to send a message in the "language of the Gods?" And if so ... as the global focal point for a few precious moments, of a literal world-wide viewership of well over a billion people ... to what intended audience?

We can surmise, from no less an official source than the movie "Contact," that these inside groups consider television to be an appropriate medium for the transmission of interstellar signals. You may remember in that film that the message from the alien civilization was encoded at a higher frequency and running in the "background" of the primary transmission.

Much the same situation appears to exist here. Still, it is possible that this secret display was meant for a terrestrial audience. As we examined the events taking place simultaneously in Washington DC and hours earlier at Giza, it became apparent that we might be looking at some kind of game of  "occult one-upmanship:" a battle between factions of the "Followers of Horus," to see who could put on the best show and get their "message" across.

If the show put on at "Cydonia/New York" was brilliant and mysterious, it paled in comparison to the rampantly Egyptian oriented drama that unfolded on the Mall in Washington DC. From the base of the Lincoln Memorial, led by none other than the President of the Westerners himself, Bill Clinton, we were all witness to a glorious spectacle that included references to Egypt, Sirius, Isis and Horus, as well as the enduring mystery of Arthur Clarke's "2001 - A Space Odyssey" and perhaps even a portent of an impending pole shift.

The night began with a concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial featuring some greats (and not so greats) of the rock era performing their most famous tunes. At 11:52 precisely, Clinton took to the podium under the watchful eye of the Sphinx ...

With the "Heart of the Lion" at the Masonic 33° altitude, Clinton embarked on a rambling, vague homily that was frankly bizarre in its content. He made references to "unlocking secrets" and the "genetic encyclopedia," as well as exploring "the mysteries beyond our solar system." Clinton also spoke about (33° Scottish Rite Freemason) Benjamin Franklin's symbolic musings about the United States as a "rising sun."

"Two centuries ago, as the framers were crafting our Constitution, Benjamin Franklin 
was often seen in Independence Hall looking at a painting of the sun low on the horizon. When, at long last, the Constitution finally was signed, Mr. Franklin, said: "I have often wondered whether that sun was rising or setting. Today I have the happiness to know it is a rising sun."

The reference is more interesting when it is examined in the context of the chair in which each of the signatories of the Constitution sat as they signed the document. The chair contains a rising sun on the back, symbolic of the Egyptian god Horus. 

As the clock rolled over midnight in Washington, the focus was turned to the enormous Egyptian obelisk known as the Washington Monument.

This venerable shrine to our first "President of the Westerners" was dedicated on July 4th (a well used NASA "Ritual date"), 1848, with the laying of a cornerstone in a solemn Masonic ceremony commemorating Washington's place as the first of many Scottish Rite Freemasons to become President. It has been undergoing many changes lately. Months before the end of 1999, a scaffolding had been erected around it as part of a "restoration process," and our ears pricked up when it was suggested that it might be more appropriate to leave it in place for awhile, even after the repairs had been completed ... On New Years Eve 2000, it became patently obvious why.

It was clear when the fireworks erupted that the temple had been transformed from a mere obelisk designed to acknowledge Washington's connection to his beloved Freemasons and their Egyptian roots, to a much more symbolic structure, one intended to evoke Sirius, the very heart of the "Royal Secret" held so close by that group. (After publication of "The Sirius Mystery" in 1976, author Robert Temple was approached by Charles E. "Ted" Webber, Lieutenant Grand Commander [second highest ranking, under the "Supreme Grand Commander"] of the Supreme Council of Freemasonry in Washington [the Mother Supreme Council of the World in Scottish Rite Freemasonry]. Webber, a friend of Temple's grandfather, actually went so far as to invite [a gross violation of Masonic protocol] Temple to join the Masons, so that they might be able to discuss aspects of his research that could only be discussed among Master Masons. According to Temple:

"He said quietly to me: 'We are very interested in your book The Sirius Mystery. We realize you have written this without any knowledge of the traditions of Masonry, and you may not be aware of this, but you have made some discoveries which relate to the most central Masonic traditions at a high level, including some things that none of us ever knew. We would very much like to get you to exchange some ideas and research with some of the people in our headquarters. But unfortunately because you are not a Mason we cannot discuss any of these matters with you, as it is forbidden.' I asked him what sort of connection there was and he did mention specifically that it was my work on ancient Egypt, on Isis and Osiris, and the ancient traditions of the star Sirius..."

Unfortunately, Webber died before the discussions took place.) 

millenn16.jpg (63245 bytes)
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As the scaffolding was illuminated in a spectacular "bottom to top" fireworks display, it began to mark a very significant resemblance to the Dogon ceremonial masks we mentioned earlier. In fact, without the new "permanent" scaffolding, nothing like this effect could have been achieved. But the resemblance was unmistakable, as was the inference. Since the markings on the Dogon mask were meant to invoke Sirius, so too was this lighting of the obelisk with the whole world watching.

But the curious connection goes even beyond that. The various ceremonial Sirigi markings on the masks are meant to represent the vessels used by the Nommos (the beings from Sirius) to travel to and from Sirius. According to the French anthropologists, Griaule and Dieterlen (quoted in Temple), they are designed to represent "a house with stories ... [and] indicates the ark [that brought the Nommos from Sirius] as well as its descent." The various geometries depicted on the masks (the various lozenges, rectangles, etc.) are supposed to specifically represent "the descent and impact of the ark." 

In other words, the Dogon Sirigi designs represent a rocket!

The combination of fireworks and multi-layered lighting below and behind the Washington Monuments that night, with the constantly changing Dogon-Sirigi designs, was nothing less than a reenactment -- by the "believers" -- of when, according to the Dogon, the "Sirians" first came to Earth!!!

About the only thing "they" could not do that night was have the whole damn thing lift off!!

So there were moments when the Monument was the spitting image of the Dogon Sirius masks. But more than that, the "look and feel" of the tip of the structure also invoked Sirius from a decidedly  Egyptian perspective...

millenn17.jpg (102653 bytes)
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What happened next was even more symbolic and enthralling. As an orchestra led by composer John Williams invoked the initial strains of the theme of "2001," "Thus Spoke Zarathustra," a small but familiar sight began to rise from behind the Lincoln Memorial ...

Just to make it unmistakable, the small light began rising with the first beams of the morning sun as the only part lit up. (Note also the similarity to the Horus engraving on the chair mentioned above.) As it slowly rose into view, these rays of "morning sun" became overwhelmed as the light grew in size and brilliance, until it virtually turned night into day!
As we have pointed out many times, the "rising sun" motif is a direct reference to the Egyptian god Horus, son of Isis (Sirius) and Osiris (Orion). However, the infant Horus was also associated with the one star that seems to have been at the center of all these celebrations. 


Horus was a "magical child," born to Isis after her husband and brother Osiris was murdered by their evil brother Seth (Taurus). Seth had Osiris dismembered, and Isis eventually recovered all the pieces except the phallus, which she fashioned from her magical powers. Impregnating herself in a union with the resurrected Osiris, she carried Horus to term while hiding from Seth among the reeds in the marshes of Egypt. These events are described in the pyramid texts thusly:

"Your sister Isis comes to you rejoicing for love of you. You have placed her on your phallus and your seed issues in her, she being ready as Sirius, and Horus Sopd (a star) has come forth from you as Horus who is in Sirius…" [Pyr. Text line 632]

Horus was viewed as a savior who would deliver the Egyptian people from the evil god Seth by avenging his father Osiris/Orion. Since Sirius was viewed as the soul/womb of Isis, the rising sun would seem to be a reference to the gestation of "Horus who is in Sirius." The legends tell us that Horus did battle with Seth and despite losing an eye in the process, was victorious. Interestingly, the "Eye of Horus" is featured in the cartouche of Osiris and also made several appearances on the TV coverage of the events on the Mall (CBS, the network of the eye, was given exclusive rights to cover the show) and even, on the person of the otherwise plainly clothed "President of the Westerners" ...

Yet there were even more oddities in this ceremony. The Mall in Washington runs precisely East/West, on a line that runs from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial. From the viewers perspective, this "Rising Sun of Horus" was in the wrong place, rising on the Western side of this dividing line. Now, as everybody knows, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, not the other way around. So, was this just a silly mistake or product of poor logistics?


Of course not.

This meticulously planned "Sirius/Masonic" ceremony had a point to make. If you were to have looked directly into the "Rising Sun of Horus," on the Western side of the Lincoln Memorial, you could have gazed beyond the spectacle to see a very significant astronomical alignment taking place on the distant horizon. None other than our old pal, EQ Pegasi!


For those of you who may not remember, EQ Peg. became famous for the flap caused in the fall of 1998, when a supposed "SETI signal" was received from the vicinity of this star and a subsequent web site appeared from someone claiming to have made the discovery. The site turned out to be a hoax (possibly propagated by intelligence agencies), but SETI's own data showed that -- for awhile -- there was a strong radio signal emanating from the direction of the star. Ultimately, the whole affair degenerated into a series of false accusations against Enterprise, which eventually turned out have been financed by a wealthy, private "friend of NASA." That the supposed "signal from EQ Peg" was NEVER to be taken literally, but was another "arcane message" -- in keeping with this entire series of secret Egyptian rituals we have been following -- was given away by the celestial location of the supposed "whispering star" ... 19.5 degrees North!

What was important to draw from this was not the source of the signal or the name of the persons behind the hoax, but the significance of the idea of "a message from Pegasus" ... at 19.5. Pegasus' name comes from a spring at Abydos, the site of the oldest known shrine to Osiris (and, according to most Egyptologists, his burial site). In the mythology, Pegasus is the winged horse that carries the souls of men to the West, where they will meet Osiris and be judged. Of course, in order to be on this journey, a soul has to experience death first. Pegasus therefore became synonymous with death in many cultures. And ... "19.5" is nothing less than a geometric shorthand signifying a literal "Hyperdimensional" transfer between dimensions ... accomplished by most people in the simple act of dying!

So -- one possible interpretation of this eerie and compelling combination is the strong suggestion that those watching both on the Mall and over TV are "soon to be carried away on the wings of Pegasus to be judged by Osiris." Unfortunately, this is exactly the sort of symbolism we were hoping would not rear it's ugly head that night.

Incidentally, some of you might have noticed that the old guy himself -- Osiris -- is making "new news" in the mainstream media of late: Zahi Hawass, our old guardian-of-the-secrets friend from Egypt, has resurrected his supposed "discovery" of Osiris' tomb, deep underneath Giza itself. Only problem with this latest Reuters "scoop": it's a rerun of the same story which aired on the Fox telecast ("Opening the Lost Tombs of Egypt: Live!") just about two years ago. This show also featured Richard Hoagland detailing his analysis of the infamous "high-tech" glyphs found at Abydos, -- the real location of the burial site of Osiris. So, what gives? Since the latest repetition of the Hawass' discovery of "Osiris' Tomb" at Giza is NOT real "news," it can only be more, increasingly frantic "coded messages" to the in-crowd. To what end? How about, "the era of Osiris is at hand ... stay tuned?"

Yet there is still more.

If in fact the Earth were to experience a pole shift, as is now publicly acknowledged to have happened in the past, one of the likely effects would be the temporary cessation of the planet's rotation. If this were to happen, the possibility is fairly high that the Sun could seem to rise in the West on that fateful day. Most of the inhabitants of the planet would have other things to worry about, but this strange event would likely never be forgotten by those that witnessed it.

millenn29.jpg (175696 bytes)
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So, does the rising of "Horus" in the West -- aligning with EQ Pegasi -- mean that somebody is telling us that we will experience death by pole-shift and be judged by Osiris?


But the answers to the "why's" and the "how's" and the "when's" of all this -- and more importantly what we can do about it -- lies not in Washington on the Mall, but as always on the plains of Giza ...


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