Press Conference Photos

[JPEG Image] A stereo presentation of two 4822 Nasa Photos.

[JPEG Image] A zoomed out wider picture showing the context of the close-ups above.

[JPEG Image] Ruins above the Horizon Nasa Photo # 9301 (165K) [JPEG Image] Color Enhanced Version of Nasa # 9301 (260K)
[JPEG Image] Goddard and Houston #4822 Comparison (106K) [JPEG Image] Apollo 12 & 14 Lunar Module and an Inclined Buttress (211K)
[JPEG Image] Apollo 12 Lunar Module in Front of Lunar Ruins (113K) [JPEG Image] Apollo 12 Helmet Reflection Shows Artifact (121K)
[JPEG Image] Apollo 12 Astronauts Amid the Ruins (Hasselblad Photo) (139K) [JPEG Image] Russian Zond 3 Lunar Fly-By (191K)
[JPEG Image] Astronaut Mitchell Under Glass (346K) [JPEG Image] Enlargement of left showing Slanted Buttresses (367K)

These images have been reduced and converted to JPeg format for faster display. To get the original full size versions of these pictures, you can view them in our File Area, and download the files directly to your hard disk and view them with your own graphics program. This will allow you to view these in full detail without the limitation of your WWW browser.