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One of the most surprising results of the continuing 14-year-old "Enterprise" investigation of potential solar system "ET artifacts," has been the rediscovery as part of that investigation of a little-known 100-year-old scientific discipline now clearly outlined in the "ruins"--

The field of "Hyperdimensional physics."

This is a physics based on geometric and mathematical foundations which involves other spatial dimensions -- ergo the term, "Hyperdimensional" physics. The field itself began over a hundred years ago, as part of a burgeoning scientific inquiry by 19th-Century mathematicians and physicists into theoretical "non-Euclidian" geometries (geometries involving spatial dimensions in addition to "length, breadth and height"), and a set of specifically predicted physical interactions of energy and matter determined by those "non-Euclidian geometries."

In the truest sense, these early theories and confirming (though now, remarkably, totally ignored) 19th-Century laboratory data can be viewed as the first scientific attempt at a "grand unified theory" of physical reality.

Imagine the shock, then, as this Investigation rediscovered -- in 1988 -- identical Hyperdimensional geometric indicators to an identical Hyperdimensional physics... amid "the Monuments of Mars!"

General bibliographic references to these major historical developments, and specific, published "Hyperdimensional" papers -- all virtually unknown by contemporary "mainstream" physicists -- are available in the Ship's Library; specific historical experiments relevant to the Hyperdimensional model, such as Michael Faraday's famous "homopolar generator paradox," will, in addition, also appear here.

Included in this Section: the results of continuing, world-wide, contemporary physics and "free energy" experiments -- conducted not only by major research laboratories, but by "Enterprise" itself -- which are now confirming increasingly specific predictions of the "Hyperdimensional" model. In addition, results from similar experiments conducted by a variety of Web participants in "Enterprise" -- ranging from high school physics students seeking to confirm a startling result, to active engineers and scientists -- will also appear within this Section of the Ship.

Thus, this facility will function, in the field of "Hyperdimensional physics," as the equivalent of an electronic scientific journal -- at the cutting edge of science. Submissions will be published which, in the view of the Laboratory Manager, fit the criteria of a valid "Hyperdimensional experiment" and conform to standard criteria for valid scientific procedures; published papers will span the range: from specific lab experiments to analysis of distant astrophysics. More specific criteria for submissions will be posted as soon as a Laboratory Manager has been selected, and a specific e-mail address at "Enterprise" established.

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