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Enterprise Mission Music CD


By Crewmembers Nick Skouras and Chris Morford

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In this Ship's Section will be found access to hard-copy of key research papers, books, official documents, video and audio tapes, etc., produced through the on-going research and public educational effort of The Enterprise Mission. In addition to these items, also included in this Section are related educational materials created by other researchers and organizations, pursuing research in parallel to "Enterprise".




The Monuments of Mars - A City on the Edge of Forever (5th Edition, 534 pp.) - $29.95 (plus shipping)

With an all new introduction, analyses, and additional photos, this book is destined to become a classic that will be remembered for ages to come. From the book that started it all, you will go further on this epic journey of discovery: from the sands of Mars, where you will learn the conventional wisdom about the evolution of the planet; to the discovery of the original "Viking" photos, where you will come to know the people who have tried to bring them and the "question of Cydonia" to the public's attention, along with the members of the planetary science community who are desperately trying to keep the mystery from ever reaching the public. You will follow the step-by-step investigation, the reaction, analyses and implications of what could be one of the most important discoveries in history; and you will be convinced that it is our right to know, whether or not our Government and science community believes that we are prepared for it.

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The Europa Enigma, by Richard C. Hoagland (once again available in hardcopy -- totals 17 pages, including 9 original color art plates, and official NASA images; $19.50, including shipping and handling.

The Europa Enigma, the historic paper that, over NASA's vocal opposition 16 years ago, predicted the current Galileo discoveries and NASA headlines in the New York Times -- "Jupiter's Moon Europa Could Be Habitat for Life"...

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"What's Really on Mars"

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Video Sleeve

Hoagland's Mars, Vol. 1

The NASA-Cydonia Briefings (83 m) - $19.95

This video is the first official record of Richard C. Hoagland's historic presentation -- on the critical issue of potential "ET artifacts" discovered on the planet Mars -- made to thousands of government engineers and scientists on March 20, 1990, at the NASA-Lewis Research Center, in Cleveland, Ohio. At the invitation of the center Director himself, Dr. John Klineberg, Hoagland outlines in detail the early findings of the Independent Mars Investigation Team, and their complex, multi-disciplinary analyses of a series of extraordinary, enigmatic photos sent back by NASA's first official "search for life on Mars" -- the 1976 Project Viking Mission. You'll see the intensely controversial, official NASA photos themselves as NASA's own engineers first saw them -- images and measurements which demonstrate the extraordinarily redundant, "impossible" mathematical design discovered by Hoagland and his colleagues connecting the enigmatic Martian "Sphinx," and the nearby "pyramid complex" lying in a northern desert region called "Cydonia" -- left by "someone" very long ago . . . on the planet Mars. One day (and perhaps, given recent headlines, very soon . . .) this first official record of a NASA briefing on the "Monuments of Mars" will be confirmed as valid scientific confirmation of a "high-tech civilization" visiting our solar system . . . untold millennia ago. Reserve your copy -- now.

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Video Sleeve

Hoagland's Mars, Vol. 2

The U.N. Briefing: The Terrestrial Connection (Ex. Ver.) (115m) - $29.95 (PAL US )

On February 28, 1992, at the invitation of a United Nations staff special interest group (SIG), Richard C. Hoagland took his case to the U.N. Speaking before hundreds of U.N. staff, delegates and invited press and guests, Hoagland extends his intelligence hypothesis concerning the mystery of Cydonia, to planet Earth: demonstrating that the same mathematical message encoded in the layout of the ruins on Mars is also found at many of the mysterious ruins on this planet. With many stunning slides and film clips, Hoagland shares his insights into a new science of "fourth dimensional physics" gleaned from the Cydonia research, a physics that opens the door to unlimited energy sources that could revolutionize our technologies, if not change the way we think about the universe itself. The last 24 minutes of Vol. 2 contain an analysis of the extraordinary footage, captured by NASA on September 15, 1991, when the U.S. space shuttle Discovery recorded what appears to be UFO-like spacecraft cruising over the Indian Ocean at enormous speeds, turning at right angles and accelerating to several hundred thousand miles per hour after being "shot at" by two missile-like flashes, violating all current laws of physics. The fact that this video was broadcast live over NASA's own satellite channel (NASA Select), leads us to believe that this was a "U.S. black budget" project, test leaked from the highest offices at NASA -- despite NASA's current claim that the film shows only "ice crystals from a waste water dump". Shortly after this video was aired, the head of NASA, former astronaut and commander of the first U.S. S. Enterprise space shuttle, Admiral Richard Truly, was abruptly fired. Hoagland believes that he and his associates have an important inside track on what this striking video really represents, given the "hyperdimensional" physics found encoded in the ruins of Cydonia. Once you see this video, you will be convinced that this is the "smoking gun" that proves that something extraordinary has been happening in the solar system, if not on planet Earth, for a long, long time . . . something that up until now, we have not been "permitted" to know. Question: now that we do know -- what do we plan to do about it?

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Video Sleeve

Hoagland's Mars, Vol. 3

The Moon-Mars Connection (3hrs. 20 m) - 2 tapes - $39.95

On June 2, 1994 at Ohio State University, Richard C. Hoagland presented publicly for the first time the results of his (then) 2-year "lunar extension of the independent Mars Investigation" -- using NASA's own images from the Lunar Orbiter, Surveyor and Apollo missions to the Moon. Armed with dramatic new advances in current computerized technology brought about by the Space Program itself, Hoagland reveals in this video the official images that, over thirty years ago, captured the stunning, light reflecting remnants of an apparent, ancient lunar dome -- stretching over "Sinus Medii," the dark "sea" located in the center of the full Moon. This computerized analysis has also revealed scores of additional features now only explainable by some kind of "intelligent design," including: a "tetrahedral" light pattern attributable to structural remains still present in the floor of the crater Ukert; a complex of identically sized, precisely aligned, impossible "double craters" caught on the highly eroded floor of the crater Murchison (now strongly suspected to be the actual footings of the north-western edge of this "Sinus Medii dome"); to say nothing of a one and a half mile tall, glass-like, "geometric shard" -- photographed by an unmanned Lunar Orbiter in 1967, casting an imposing shadow out across the horizon of Moon. This, and a host of other, equally inexplicable "artifacts" discovered on these official lunar photographs -- unexplainable by any known geology or photographic process -- increasingly demonstrate to one and all the reality of artificial constructs on the Moon . . . which NASA apparently, inexplicably, "forgot" to tell the world. Destined inevitably to become a true collectors' item -- the first serious scientific presentation of NASA's own archived evidence of artificial structures on Earth's only natural satellite . . . this video was made years before NASA's recent, stunning admission of the "scientific possibility" of life beyond the Earth . . . What's next . . . in this exploding subject? Order a copy of this "beginning of NASA's coming revelations" -- and stay tuned.

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Hoagland's Mars 4-Tape Set

Volumes #1, #2, and #3 (two tapes) $79.95 - Call: 1-877-345-6222

"The Monuments of Mars"

The Music by Mark Dwane

Mark Dwane writes and performs and produces this musical compliment to the mysteries of The Monuments of Mars. More information and music samples are available on Mark Dwane's "Monuments of Mars" Music Page

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