Table of "Coincidence"
A Guide to the Improbable at NASA and in History

"In my opinion, a mind is healthy when it can perform symbolic acts within mental frameworks which are not immediately obvious. A mind is diseased when it no longer comprehends this kind of linkage and refuses to acknowledge any basis for such symbolic thinking. The twentieth century specializes in producing diseased minds of the type I refer to - minds which uniquely combine ignorance with arrogance.   The twentieth century's hard core hyper rationalist would deride a theory of correspondences in daily life and ritual as 'primitive superstition'. However, the rationalist's comment is not one upon symbolic thinking but upon himself, acting as a label to define him as one of the walking dead."

-- Robert Temple, The Sirius Mystery


Part I - Historical and Political Events

WASH-OATH-1789.gif (11106 bytes)

The Inauguration of George Washington "Freemason and First President." April 30th, 1789.

Washington.gif (205799 bytes)

RS-PEARL-TOK.jpg (86061 bytes)

The view from Tokyo as the "Day of infamy" begins -- December 7th, 1941, 7:55 AM Honolulu time.

arizburn.gif (7977 bytes)

RS-D-DAY.jpg (69982 bytes)

D-Day begins. The shelling starts at Normandy Beach, France. June 6th, 1944, 6:31 AM. The view is essentially the same from London.

dday.jpeg (15161 bytes)

HIROSHIMA.jpg (70027 bytes)

Hiroshima at the moment of detonation of "Little Boy." 8:15 AM local time, August 6th, 1945.

hiroshima.gif (74963 bytes)

reagan-1981.gif (12649 bytes)

Assassination attempt on President Reagan. March 30, 1981. 2:25 PM Washington D.C.

reagan-assasin.GIF (43884 bytes)

DELAY.jpg (70430 bytes)

Assassination attempt on House Majority Whip Tom Delay - 7/24/1998 - 3:33 PM - Washington DC.

gunshots.jpg (19414 bytes)

Newt-atlanta.jpg (80268 bytes)

Conference call from House Speaker Newt Gingrich announcing his resignation to members of the Republican caucus. Atlanta, Georgia, November 6th, 1998.

gingrich.jpg (7544 bytes)

12-16-98-LAUNCH.gif (11342 bytes)

Significant events in December 16th, 1998 U.S. attack against Baghdad, Iraq. (33 degrees N Lat.)

target-12-16-98.jpg (10785 bytes)

12-16-98-clinton-ORDER.gif (16251 bytes)

12-16-98-clinton-speech.gif (11904 bytes)

12-16-98-clinton-speech2.gif (9134 bytes)

COLUMBINE.jpg (80677 bytes)

View from Denver as the Columbine High School shootings begin.

COLUMBINE1.jpg (11485 bytes)

clint-hou1.gif (11637 bytes)

View over Johnson Space center in Houston as President Clinton begins his remarks and calls for a manned mission to Mars. 4/14/98 - a few hours before the official release of second set of Cydonia images ...

image6.jpg (11436 bytes)

clint-hou2.gif (10937 bytes)

... and at the conclusion of his remarks a few minutes later.

image26.jpg (14164 bytes)

Part II - NASA

ranger7-launch.jpg (20287 bytes)

The launch of Ranger 7 (first successful US mission to the moon) as viewed from Cape Canaveral and the eventual impact site. 7/28/1964.

ranger7-launch-impact-site.jpg (22443 bytes)

Surveyor 3.jpg (29298 bytes)

Sky over JPL at Surveyor 3 landing in Oceanus Procellarum. April 20th, 1967 12:04 AM GMT (Hitler's Birthday). Vb-nazi-close.gif (47684 bytes)
Werner Von Braun (second from left) and German Rocket team in Alabama in the 1950's.

apollo.jpg (5561 bytes)

Apollo program patch. "Orion/Osiris" to the moon.

Shep-mrc.JPG (218985 bytes)

The view from Fra Mauro (Apollo 14 landing site) at launch of Alan Shepard's sub orbital flight. May 5th, 1961.

mr-3-patch.gif (163786 bytes)

Glenn62.gif (10055 bytes)

The launch of John Glenn's Friendship 7 in 1962.

merc6.gif (9894 bytes)

apollo8.jpg (141943 bytes)

The view from the Apollo 11 "Temple" at Apollo 8 Lunar orbit insertion.

ap8patch_bg.gif (117152 bytes)

Red-A11-69.jpg (14041 bytes)

The Apollo 11 landing site -- the 33rd US mission to the Moon -- 33 minutes after landing during Aldrin and Armstrong's "communion ceremony."  

Red-A12-69.jpg (11690 bytes)

Apollo 12 landing site, at the same moment. (Orion was in the same location 33 minutes earlier, during the actual landing).

ap11patch_bg.gif (109546 bytes)

Apollo12-landing.jpg (374856 bytes)

Apollo 12 landing. 33 months after the landing of Surveyor 3 in the same location.

ap12patch_bg.gif (132248 bytes)

Apollo13-landing.jpg (431585 bytes)

Proposed Apollo 13 landing.

ap13patch_bg.gif (132129 bytes)

Apollo14-landing.jpg (368484 bytes)

Apollo 14 landing at Fra Mauro (Alan Shepard commanding).

ap14patch_bg.gif (122925 bytes)

Apollo15-launch.jpg (21645 bytes)

Apollo 15 launch sky and Lunar module "Falcon" landing at Hadley Rille.

Apollo15-landing.jpg (26685 bytes)

hakarte.jpg (9266 bytes)

Horus, the "Falcon God" of ancient Egypt. Also known as "Apollo" in the Greek tradition.

ap15patch_bg.gif (113339 bytes)

apollo16.jpg (44487 bytes) Apollo 16 Lunar Module "Orion" arrives on the Moon - April 20th, 1972 (Hitler's birthday). "Orion" was the only LEM not destroyed by being deliberatly crashed into the Lunar surface.

ap16patch_bg.gif (132581 bytes)

apollo16-DES.jpg (73464 bytes)

Sky over Apollo 16 landing site.


And over JPL at the same moment.

apollo16-JPL.jpg (73519 bytes)

apollo16-HOU.jpg (78065 bytes)

"Orion/Osiris" arrives on the moon - from the perspective of Mission Control, Houston


APOLLO17.jpg (590554 bytes)

The Ascent of Apollo 17 as mankind ends his first exploration of the Moon - December 14th, 1972.

apollo-17-patch.jpg (198216 bytes)

CYDONIA 76.jpg (418318 bytes)

Viking 1 images the "Face" over Cydonia - July 25th, 1976.

viking 1.jpg (15216 bytes)

MIPL.jpg (154644 bytes)

The Multi-Mission Imaging Processing Laboratory's VAX system is decommissioned at JPL. 1:00 PM 9/28/95.


Path-land.jpg (87389 bytes)

Mars Pathfinder landing site (19.5 N by 33.3 W) - July 4th, 1997.


Giza98.jpg (81618 bytes)

View from the Pyramids as Mars Global Surveyor re-images the Face for the first time in 20 years. 4/5/98.

face2-jpl-98.jpg (4600 bytes)


And from JPL at the same moment.

LA-MGS98.jpg (12570 bytes)

JPL-MGS-CYDONIA2.jpg (70117 bytes)

Sky over JPL at release of second Cydonia MGS image of the "City." 4/14/98 6:55 PM PST


  And a few minutes later as the image is released to the main mirror site.

JPL-MGS-CYDONIA22.jpg (70031 bytes)

giza-4-24-98.jpg (21805 bytes)

Sky over Giza as MGS releases the last of the new Cydonia images. 4/24/98 8:44 AM PDT.  

zarya1.gif (15908 bytes)

Three views from the Baikonour Cosmodrome as Russia launches the Zarya ("Rising Sun" - a.k.a. Horus) module for the IS(I)S space station from launch pad 333. November 20th, 1998 6:40 AM GMT. launch1.jpg (18129 bytes)

zarya3.gif (11318 bytes)


zarya2.gif (12556 bytes)

STS-88-1-LAUNCH.gif (11621 bytes)

The launch of STS-88 and the Unity module.

STS-88-2-LAUNCH.gif (9294 bytes)

STS-88-3-LAUNCH.gif (10224 bytes)


STS-88-4-LAUNCH.gif (15120 bytes)

sts-88-CAPTURe-livedata.gif (44953 bytes)

The capture of Zarya by STS-88.

dock10.jpg (12806 bytes)


sts-88-CAPTURE.gif (12036 bytes)

sts-88-dock-livedata.gif (45224 bytes) The docking of Zarya and Unity to create IS(I)S.

space_station.jpg (7005 bytes)

sts-88-dock-PACIFIC.gif (10609 bytes)

sts-88-dock-baikonour.gif (12363 bytes)

sts-88-dock-CAPE.gif (13331 bytes)

sts-88-dock-PHOENIX.gif (11540 bytes)


Sts-88-dock-APOLLO11.gif (12281 bytes)

sts-88-eva1-livedata.gif (45031 bytes)

First STS-88 EVA.

sts-88-eva1-STS-88-POSITION.gif (16506 bytes)

sts-88-eva1-APOLLO11.gif (11088 bytes)


sts-88-eva1-HOUSTON.gif (21307 bytes)

sts-88-eva1-VIKING1.gif (11556 bytes)


sts-88-eva1-VIKING2.gif (15787 bytes)

sts-88-powerup-livedata.gif (45399 bytes)

The Power up of Zarya.

sts-88-powerup-HOUSTON.gif (13461 bytes)

sts-88-powerup-PHOENIX.gif (12629 bytes)


sts-88-powerup-APOLLO11.gif (13408 bytes)

sts-88-powerup-VIKING1.gif (10770 bytes)


sts-88-powerup-CYDONIA.gif (10744 bytes)

sts-88-activation-livedata.gif (45226 bytes)

IS(I)S activation command sequence.

sts-88-activation-SHUTTLE.gif (10538 bytes)

sts-88-activation-CAPE.gif (13543 bytes)


sts-88-activation-BAIKONOUR.gif (13216 bytes)

sts-88-activation-PHOENIX.gif (11247 bytes)


sts-88-activation-APOLLO11.gif (12553 bytes)

sts-88-activation-CYDONIA1.gif (10197 bytes)


sts-88-activation-CYDONIA2.gif (7649 bytes)

soho-loss.jpg (67674 bytes)

Sky over Goddard Space Flight Center (control center for SOHO) at loss of contact with SOHO. 6/24/98 7:16 EDT.

SOHOport02.gif (85592 bytes)

SOHO-gone-egypt.gif (15700 bytes)

And from the pyramids at Giza at the same moment.


  And again at Goddard when the space craft is "rescued." 9/16/98 1:30 PM EDT.

soho-rec.gif (12883 bytes)

soho-COMET-may20.jpg (89764 bytes)

Closest approach of Comet J1 1998 (SOHO) May 20,1998. 5:56 GMT  
  Sky over Kennedy Space Center at world premiere of the movie "Armaggeddon."

"I'm sorry, I've gotta go. They told us they were staring the movie at eight sharp and they wouldn't wait." -- Ben Affleck to an interviewer on - E! Entertainment Television outside the theater at KSC. 6/29/98 7:55 PM EDT.

ARMAG-PREMIERE.jpg (90328 bytes)