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By Richard C. Hoagland
2002 The Enterprise Mission

As we predicted many years ago, the closer our Enterprise investigation has come to figuring out the truth regarding the science and politics of "extraterrestrial artifacts in the solar system," the more rabid and relentless has become the "opposition." Recent events -- occasioned by the release of the first Odyssey daytime IR image of Cydonia, and the dramatic leak of a second version of the same image to Enterprise -- has spurred a significant increase in the fury and absurdity of these attacks... This, in turn, has created the need for some major reassessments of the role and nature of the long-standing Enterprise Conference.

The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees every American the right of "free speech." But is speech truly "free" when expressing a differing opinion from "the mainstream," or publishing data contrary to a government agency's "official" position, instantly attracts a barrage of demeaning lies and accusations from anonymous, cowardly individuals hiding behind assumed names, an unceasing rain of personal attacks, and even outright intimidation...?

When we began the Enterprise Conference in 1996, it was our intent to provide a place for serious people to openly discuss both the remarkable scientific evidence -- and the extraordinary social implications -- of extraterrestrial ruins on nearby worlds. However, as the evidence has grown stronger -- with each new NASA mission, and successful political actions (led by Enterprise) that has forced the release of a veritable flood of startling new evidence of extensive ET ruins -- so too has the number and ferocity of attacks on Enterprise itself. This escalating pattern has, of course, one overriding objective: to suppress both scientific investigation, and effective political action, regarding the continuing extraterrestrial cover-up.

Therefore, to combat the increasingly insidious nature of recent attacks, which have threatened the rights and privacy of every Enterprise member, we have decided the time has come to try something new... to introduce a brand new kind of Internet forum -- to protect our Enterprise members' most fundamental freedoms. We are hereby introducing an experimental new arena for our continuing discussions of the increasingly possible extraordinary realities and implications of extraterrestrial ruins in the solar system: a subscriber-based Enterprise Mission Conference, run by none other than "Scotty" himself -- the original Enterprise Conference Moderator, Keith Rowland.

For only $3.95 per month, anyone truly interested in joining a conversation that could change the course of history -- around the most important issue of our time --- can join the new Enterprise Mission discussion. By initiating this new action, we feel we are assuring a safe, reasoned, and non-hostile environment in which to undertake these continuing essential discussions and presentation of new evidence. To subscribe to the Enterprise Conference, members will need to provide official identification for their purchase but then be able to select their own personal username for posting. This will insure that the moderators know precisely who the "troublemakers" are -- if there are any -- and can deal with them accordingly.

For this nominal subscription, participating Members can for the first time actually support the work of Enterprise on a continuing basis, knowing that their small monthly contribution is truly making possible this unending fight for truth. And, in a delicious irony, if the outspoken enemies of what Enterprise is all about want to become true "agents," to continue their infiltration of the Conference so they can later distort the contents of the discussion across the wider Net, simultaneously, their memberships will also be underwriting our on-going research and publications. I mean, what could possibly be more appropriate...?

For, in addition, official membership in the Enterprise Conference will be required even to read the on-going conversations, or to participate in the frequent live "chat" sessions we are planning. The latter will feature a variety of Enterprise research associates, discussing new research findings before they are published on the Enterprise Main page, interesting guests in a wide range of parallel subjects being currently investigated by the Enterprise Mission and, yes, I promise to drop in more frequently myself... from time to time.

In addition to these unique features, membership will entitle the Enterprise "crew" to a variety of political opportunities not afforded in any other forum. These include the ability to instantly interact with members of other, mainstream conferences -- hosted in parallel to Enterprise, and only a click away on the same website. These parallel discussions, also moderated by the Rowland staff, are devoted to America's most famous mainstream radio and television talk shows and their guests -- from Rush Limbaugh to Dr. Laura, from Donahue to Chris Matthews.

Since Enterprise has the pioneering opportunity to be the first group of Members of this brand new service, there won't be many participants there yet. But in the next few days as the word gets out, we should have most of our regular supporters registered and the conversations on some startling new evidence we've just uncovered on the continuing THEMIS controversy can begin.

For those who want to "spread the word" about NASA's continuing cover-up of the most important scientific and political discovery of our time... to a larger mainstream audience... this will be your golden opportunity...

Anything new is controversial. We expect no less from this idea, since that's what we're well known for anyway. But, what have you got to lose? Isn't it time to get serious about what NASA -- with perhaps more than a little help from its newly revealed friends -- has done to the most important Dream of all Mankind...?!

It used to be said that "talk is cheap." Well, no more... not at Enterprise.

Join us. The real adventure is only just Beginning...

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