Dr. Edgar Mitchell

"There is certain evidence that simply doesn't fit
with our model of how the moon is put together."

- Edgar Mitchell, May 15th, 1996
Art Bell Coast to Coast Radio Program

[MITCHELL IMAGE] Richard Hoagland and Dr. Edgar Mitchell first appeared on the Art Bell program on consecutive days. After Mr Hoagland's appearance, Dr. Mitchell was asked some questions by Art Bell on the next program, regarding the work of Richard. Needless to say, the answers from Dr. Mitchell drew some comments from listeners of the program. Here are a couple letters that were forwarded to The Enterprise Mission and the reply from Art Bell.

Then on May 6th, Art Bell offered to both Richard Hoagland and Edgar Mitchell a chance to appear together for a debate. They both agreed, however the topics where restricted to Apollo 14 only. This debate took place on May 15, 1996.

Debate Transcripts

Thanks to Mr. G. Varano, we have transcripts of the debate. The debate ran for 3 hours and is broken up into the 6 segments as they were aired.

Debate Photos

The debate between Richard Hoagland and Dr. Edgar Mitchell concerned only photos of the Apollo 14 mission. Here are the photos that were sent to Dr. Mitchell for discussion.

[JPEG Image] Nasa Photo # 9301 (30K) [JPEG Image] Color Enhanced 9301 (95K)

[JPEG Image] Ice Comparison (26K) [JPEG Image] Panoramic View (89K)

Lunar Module Series
[JPEG Image] (69K) [JPEG Image] (83K) [JPEG Image] (44K)

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