Hyperdimensional Hurricanes?

Part Three: The Physics


By Richard C. Hoagland

© 2004 The Enterprise Mission



So, why could I still not find the source data for MSNBC’s amazing Ivan promo …?


I had all my “scouts” out looking too … like David Wilcock, who in addition to searching the complexity of NOAA’s websites, was sending out e-mails to his own extensive network.  One of those resulted in some stunning “hurricane hunter” aircraft stills (below) from a “Peter Thompson” – which shows the remarkable vorticular activity in Ivan’s eye on Saturday, September 11th -- but still no satellite shots of the remarkable geometry shown on MSNBC on Friday night, the 10th.





Cheryll, despite her network and meteorological contacts … was also coming up with nothing.


Then, as Ivan finished his trek across the Gulf of Mexico and was approaching dreaded landfall on the southern coast of the United States – with the whole world watching this, now at Category 4 – the “Ivan promo” suddenly was back on MSNBC! 


On Wednesday night, September 15th, I was showing Robin and two more Enterprise associates – Nick Skouras and Dana Balaban -- comparisons between this amazing (if still incredibly elusive) MSNBC footage, the live MSNBC coverage of Ivan (even then closing in on southern Alabama) … and the NOAA computer image of Isabel’s astonishing geometry in 2003....


When, suddenly I noticed something that simply “didn’t fit”:


The digital numerals indicating elapsed time superimposed over the image in the MSBNC “loop” (below -- left) precisely matched the time listed on the NOAA Isabel image (below -- right)!





Now -- what were the odds that two separate hurricanes, in two separate oceans, at two separate latitudes -- would both reach Category 5 status … and display interior hyperdimensional geometry … exactly one year after one another?—




There weren’t any such odds ….


The two images were THE SAME … of Isabel -- NOT Ivan!   Despite MSNBC’s totally misleading “supers,” both images were from September 12, 2003!


Comparison of the details of the outlying “rain bands” circling both storms (above) cinched it: MSNBC had simply taken an old “loop” from Isabel from a year ago … and pasted new “Ivan icons” on it!


A bit more searching on the NOAA sites (now that I knew what I was looking for!) revealed a stunning “rapid scan” GOES movie of Isabel’s amazing eye geometry, from 2003 – taken about once a minute! 





The stability of the interior geometry of Isabel over almost half an hour (below) – in a supposedly wildly turbulent environment of slashing wind and rain – is truly astonishing ... as is the subsequent, totally hyperdimensional geometric evolution which manifests over the next four and half hours, covered in the remainder of NASA/NOAA video….





The closest three-dimensional analogy to what we believe is creating this “geometric control” of the clouds within Isabel’s “eye” is given by the science of “Cymatics”: the term comes from the Greek kyma (“great wave”), and is the modern study of “wave phenomena and its interaction with a variety of fluids.” 


This relatively arcane field was pioneered in the 1950s by the late Hans Jenny, a Swiss medical doctor who followed the work of German physicist and acoustician, Ernst F. F. Chladni.  Chladni, in the late 18th century, created intricate sand patterns by resonating a steel plate with an ordinary violin bow.  In his extensions of Chladni’s work, Jenny used an electronic sine wave




hi-fi loud speaker to vibrate various powders, pastes and liquids – thereby succeeding in making visible the ability of “standing waves of sound” to create striking geometric order in a range of fluid materials (below).





In our Hyperdimensional Model, it isn’t “sound” in the middle of a hurricane which creates the regular geometry seen in the NOAA images; it is the interaction of the energy/information from higher dimensions with our own -- via the intervening medium of a massless aether – which creates similar standing wave patterns (a wave ... is a wave … is a wave) when the hyperdimensional “gate” is established  … causing visible matter (in its mobile forms …) to conform to the shape of these otherwise invisible “aetheric, hyperdimensional patterns.”


In the images from Dr. Jenny's work above, water is being vibrated by precisely regulated sound waves, with tiny particles (colloids) suspended inside of it. These "colloids" gather together in the areas of highest pressure, making the otherwise invisible geometry visible. 


In the Hyperdimensional Model, matter itself is similarly formed by "aetheric, hyperdimensional" energy waves, which behave like a fluid as they flow into and out of our own "3-D reality"... creating what we recognize as "matter" and "energy" along the way. Put simply, Jenny's work tells us, "Any fluid, once vibrated at a steady rate by an external energy source, will create regular geometric patterns -- be it in a laboratory ... or in the aetheric fabric of three-dimensional Reality itself."


These hidden geometric patterns ultimately trace back to a topological hyperdimensional analysis called the Schlafli Double-Six (below) – a mathematical projection of the literal geometry of a “gate between dimensions.”  A projection which, in turn, resolves





into the familiar circumscribed tetrahedral geometry (below) which, in a rotating planetary sphere, predicts the locations of the largest, stationary hyperdimensional energy transfer locations (upwellings) – relative to the planet’s spin axis – at ~19.5 degrees.


 Around 200 B.C., the Greek geometer Euclid proved that there are only five regular polyhedra (technically called “polytopes” by topologists) in three spatial dimensions -- the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron, and the dodecahedron.  Fast forward the film: in 1901, Ludwig Schlafli showed that there are only six regular polychora1 (or polytopes) in four dimensions.  


Therefore, if a “gate” were to be resonantly opened between dimensions, according to Schlafli’s pioneering topological calculations of over a century ago, it could only manifest (in our three spatial dimensions) as the geometry of one of the five regular “Platonic solids” (below).




It is this energy transfer process, we propose – as three-dimensional aetheric waves, resonantly mirroring the invisible force structure of these topologies between dimensions -- which created the startling, evolving “Platonic” geometry of Isabel’s “eye” -- as the storm attained a Category 5 (below) ….




Meanwhile, keep in mind the very similar formations that have been observed in the perpetual storms occurring in the polar regions of Jupiter and Saturn:



As time advanced, the striking five-sided “eye” initially captured by the NOAA GOES satellite scans did indeed evolve (below) -- into progressive, two dimensional “slices’ of the less complex Platonic solids ....




A final observation:


The hyperdimensional hurricane model makes one major physical prediction: the decreased inertia of the “eye’s” central spinning clouds (the “DePalma Effect”) -- due to their high rotational velocity -- should significantly enhance vertical convection in those clouds – leading to higher than average thunderstorms within the “eye.”


Look at the comparison images (below) -- taken at the beginning and the end of Isabel’s remarkable geometric presentation; the image on the left was taken as the “controlling” geometry was at its height; the image on the right was taken about five hours later, as the “geometry” had almost disappeared. 


Notice the striking shadow changes ….


In the image on the left (maximum modeled hyperdimensional control), not only is the blatant Platonic geometry apparent (with multiple, parallel delineations!) ... this phase displays (as the model specifically predicts) the maximum cloud heights!  The “eye” is a five-sided pentagonal plateau!


Five hours later, in the image on the right, these towering convective clouds have all but disappeared … replaced with a “normal” hurricane’s central “eye” depression ….


Clearly, whatever hyperdimensional forces were at work here … were acting precisely as the model would predict!




Continued in Part Four


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