Hyperdimensional Hurricanes?

Part Four: Confirmation


By Richard C. Hoagland

© 2004 The Enterprise Mission



A few loose ends:


While now satisfied that the extraordinary “pentagonal eye geometry” used in the MSNBC promo was of Isabel … NOT Ivan (leaving aside the major question: why would a national television network deliberately misrepresent images of a killer hurricane approaching the United States?!) … this still didn’t answer the other question: why were there no high-resolution NOAA (or NASA) images of Ivan’s “eye” available for September 9th? 


This low resolution view (below) was all we could ultimately find from all the NOAA websites featuring “raw” GOES satellite reports.





Later, as Ivan approached the southern U.S. coast, a few close-up images finally began to appear from the ISS Space Station (below) -- which showed remarkable rectangular eye geometry ….  And--





A simultaneous “cylindrical” projection of vertically spinning clouds within this rectangular “eye” (below)! 


Another “hyperdimensional signature?”




But, it was a U.S. Navy website which produced Ivan’s “smoking gun”: a clear, high-resolution image of Ivan’s “eye” ... complete with the long-sought-for pentagonal geometric structure (see annotated U.S. Navy image -- below!)--


NOT an image from September 9th … but from September 15th, at 19:10 UTC – just before Ivan made landfall on the Gulf Coast of the United States … as it was (against all Hurricane Center Forecasts) actually strengthening back toward a Category 5 as it approached the Coast!







It should be obvious by now that the marked, simultaneous hyperdimensional weather changes David Wilcock and I have been pointing out all across the solar system (in our on-going series “Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow?”) have now come home … to manifest as visible signatures in the Earth’s largest and most destructive weather systems.  No one should be surprised by this – certainly not regular visitors to Enterprise; could anyone truly believe that we could look out at a planetary system full of stunning, MAJOR changes (below) … and that Earth would somehow stay exempt?!





Ivan killed an estimated 42 people in the United States -- as it relentlessly crossed the Alabama coast and then continued up into the western Appalachians, dumping torrential rains across a vast section of the southeastern United States, spawning over 114 tornados, creating massive floods … and leaving heartbreaking loss and destruction in its wake; its financial impact is estimated to total as much as $7 billion ... and still counting.


The insured financial losses from direct storm damage caused by the two previous hurricanes to hit Florida this year, making a total of three in the space of less than a month -- Charley and Francis and Ivan -- is now estimated to be over $11 billion from Charley and Francis alone (and this does not count the additional billions from shuttered businesses, no-show tourists, or lost jobs and wages from millions of Americans forced to flee the southern US coastlines as these hurricanes approached). 


Clearly, these are staggering effects – both personal and financial (below) ….







And, at this writing, other hurricanes are on the way ….


“Jeanne,” a Category 2 storm spawned southeast of Puerto Rico even before Ivan made its U.S. landfall , after spending a week literally circling in the south Atlantic, has (as of this writing) once again turned west … and is again threatening the eastern coast of Florida (below)!





And -- in a development literally unprecedented in modern satellite forecasting --  Ivan, after devastating the southern coast of the United States just a week ago, has also turned around (as of this writing), slipped back down along the east coast of the United States … and has reformed as a tropical storm once again off the Louisiana coast (below)!





Ivan’s “miraculous” (as one Weather Channel meteorologist called it) reincarnation once more threatens a stretch of the southern U.S. coast stretching from New Orleans, Louisiana (which “dodged the bullet” just a week ago, when Hurricane Ivan first came ashore with 130-mile-per-hour winds) to Houston, Texas -- with torrential rains, more high wind, and more massive low-land flooding ….





So, what does the long-term future hold?


In the Hyperdimensional Model, this clearly “anomalous” hurricane situation only will get worse. 


This is predicated on two factors: 1) that the background of overall solar system hyperdimensional “connection’ is now demonstrably increasing; and 2) because mainstream hurricane experts, such as Dr. William M. Gray, of Colorado State University -- regarded by his fellow meteorologists as the country's leading hurricane forecaster -- have independently projected a future increase in the severity and frequency of just such storms “for cyclic reasons.”  According to Gray, quoted in this story in the New York Times from 1998:



“Dr. Gray said the new period began in 1995, when a long hiatus from active hurricane seasons lasting from the late 1960's ended in the busiest three-year period for hurricanes on record.  Years of more frequent hurricanes now lie ahead, he said [emphasis added] ….”



Other, more recent analyses, also agree with Dr. Gray:



“Over the past few years, we've seen an increasing trend toward greater activity in the Atlantic Basin and increased strength in storms," said Marshall Shepherd, a research meteorologist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. "[That] has been leading us to believe that we are going to start seeing more intense hurricanes. That may be bearing itself out right now ….”



And, in an unprecedented weather development in the southern Hemisphere, in March of this year -- 2004 -- the first hurricane ever recorded in that hemisphere hit Brazil (below).  It was photographed by a variety of space satellites (below), including by the crew of



 the International Space Station below) -- even as some incredulous meteorologists in Brazil refused to acknowledge it as an actual hurricane!  Eventually other Brazilian meteorologists dubbed it “Catarina” – for the Brazilian state it clobbered with 94 mile-per-hour winds.





In the face of these unprecedented hurricane developments, some observers have been tempted to link such increases -- and certainly the current spate of anomalous 2004 storms to repeatedly hit the southern United States -- to increased ocean temperatures from man-made “global warming.”  “Not true,” say many hurricane experts -- according to a story in the on-line, conservative financial blog – “Tech Central Station (TCS).”  Again, quoting William Gray TCS reports:



“Various groups and individuals have suggested that the recent large upswing in Atlantic hurricane activity (since 1995) may be in some way related to the effects of increased man-made greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2).  There is no reasonable scientific way that such an interpretation of this recent upward shift in Atlantic hurricane activity can be made ….”



Missing from the TCS and Gray’s analysis, of course, is the “hidden” effect of the Hyperdimensional Model outlined here on hurricane formation and development.


If the threshold for creating tropical storms and hurricanes are significantly lowered by the changing background HD Physics we’ve now identified all across the solar system, then the frequency of Category 5’s – if not hurricanes in general – should definitely increase in the years ahead …. 


Which leaves us with two crucial, final questions:



1)      Is there a possibility for active HD intervention in altering … or even preventing … future “Isabels” and Ivans” – thus saving countless lives, if not literally hundreds of billions in property destruction? 


2)      Could someone -- using that same hyperdimensional technology -- make an already existing, less powerful hurricane … into a Category 5? 



Given the unprecedented oddities of this remarkable 2004 hurricane season, is “someone” experimenting even now with such radical technologies? 


And is that what “someone else” at MSNBC was trying to alert us to … with their deliberately mislabeled promo?


Stay tuned.





UPDATE 9.24.04:


Just as we were going to press with this story last night, Mitch Battros of www.earthchangestv.com sent out a mass email informing the public that fully six different foreign news sources reported that the island of Tortuga had apparently disappeared beneath a storm surge caused by the onslaught of Hurricane Jeanne.  UN rescue teams could not find the island at all in its expected location.  Had this event really happened, 26 thousand people would have perished in the disaster -- 10 times the casualties of 9/11.  We watched with numbed amazement as all American media sources continued to remain absolutely silent about this story as the hours passed.  Thankfully, as the day wore on we found out that the island of Tortuga had indeed survived, and the apparent disappearance was a side effect of poor visibility from the hurricane:


"The one good piece of news yesterday was that the remote island of La Tortue (Turtle Island) was found to be largely unaffected. First reports had suggested it might have disappeared under floodwater but helicopter pilots said its peasant homes remained largely intact."



We are certainly grateful that such a humanitarian disaster did not take place.  Over 2,000 people in Haiti did not escape Jeanne's wrath, however, and an additional quarter million have been displaced from their homes in Haiti alone.  The possibility that such an event -- the submergence of an entire island of souls -- COULD occur, given the undeniably anomalous increases in hurricane activity, underlines the importance of looking beyond partisan political and ideological differences, and fearlessly bringing this discussion -- of the hyperdimensional connection to these catastrophic events... out into the public eye, once and for all.


Some may dislike the information that we present, or the way we have presented it, but the bottom line is that there is strong, visual evidence that hurricane mechanics involve a new form of physics.  Mainstream scientists may take years and years to even begin considering this data, given the normal pace with which such radical new ideas become accepted.  However, the interplanetary climate change data clearly suggests that these changes will only continue intensifying, bringing such possibilities as the Tortuga disaster to the table as hard, cold realities. 


If we come to a better understanding of what is happening, and why it is happening, it may well save the lives of many innocent people.  We are confident that there is a brighter side to this story, and encourage you to get involved... in whatever capacity you are capable of...  in helping us help others.  With knowledge comes answers... and solutions. 



UPDATE II, 9.24.04:


The surprises just keep on coming.  Cut an apple in half and you see a five-pointed star inside.  Look at your own hands, or consider the four limbs and head of the human body.  Nature is showing us her "hand," so to speak, in the pentagonal signature of the eye of the hurricane.  Our long-time colleague Kent Steadman of ORBIT discovered that, like Isabel and Ivan, Hurricane Jeanne is now ALSO showing us pentagonal symmetry in the eye, which also demonstrates the same curious phase-shifting into a square (cubical) shape.  The images are found at http://vortex.plymouth.edu/hur_dir/hurr_nt1.gif:



Seeing is believing.  Steadman will continue updating this page as the astonishing images come in: http://www.cyberspaceorbit.com/jeanne_eye.html



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